What He Finds Out About His Teacher Is Shocking

Once you get past his harsh voice…

There is a man that attends church with me every single week. He is ex-military and talks loud, with force. For those that do not know him, he seems unkind and harsh.

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Those of us that have children in his Sunday School class know all too well that he is a kindhearted man who loves people. Once you get past the harsh voice he uses, you will see that he is truly a caring individual.

There’s always one…

Likely, there is someone in your life who is like that. They seem to be a harsh individual and you can’t imagine them having a caring bone in their body. What if you found out a secret about them that changed your entire outlook on who they were?

Things are not always what they seem.

This video hits close to home for me, because it reminds me that people are not always what they seem. If you only know someone in a certain setting, the chances are, you don’t really know them.

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