Dreams may seem like a distant vision – a future that you can put off until it is too late. But dreams may be closer than you think, more real than you expected them to be. Below are 5 greatest reasons you should dare to follow your dreams. Now is better than anytime – what is holding you back?

1. It Is Hard To Ignore Something That You Are Passionate About

Don’t you find it hard to ignore something that you are passionate about? Why ignore your dreams then? You do not want to be one of those people who later on in life they sit there sad about what could have been but never was. Follow your dreams and even if they turn out to be not what you wanted after all, you a story to share to future generations down the line. A story of perseverance, resilience and courage that is unique and brave.

2. Dreams Give Us More Purpose

Dreams do indeed give us more purpose. It is easy to become depressed and weary over not understanding or not really knowing what your purpose may be. But sometimes it is as simple as knowing what it is that you deeply long for- what is it that you want to accomplish in this world? Ask yourself that. There is meaning in everything. Learn from your journey and your purpose will eventually come to you. After all, everything is somewhat connected in many ways.

3. Adventure And Challenge

The pursuit of dreams can be an adventure, challenging you in such a way you reflect and become more self-aware and mindful. Do not be afraid of adventure and challenges. See them as a big part of life, something to give life that big “oomph,” that dynamism you thought was missing. Take the reigns on your life and get up and go. Follow your dreams like there is no tomorrow.

4. You Deserve The Happiness

Fulfillment of dreams can definitely bring out the happiness in us all. You deserve that. You deserve knowing what it feels like to be completely happy and content. While it is true that not all dreams turn out to be what we want in the end, the fact that you stayed focused and worked so hard to see things through, is really the biggest accomplishment of all.

The adventure, what you learned along the way and how you handled it all is what actually matters more than anything. As the saying goes, “time only makes us wiser” and the time you took to follow your dreams means that you spent so much time becoming smarter in so many ways. Be happy with the gift of more knowledge.

5. Why Not?

Last but not least because we should begin thinking this in the first place- why not? Why not follow your dreams- what do you really have to lose? As long as you do not step on people in the process, neglect yourself and what matters most to you, definitely go for it. Let yourself fly.

What dreams do you have for yourself and your life? Please share ’em in the comments section below.

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