She Found A Kidney Donor In An Unlikely Place: Her School!

When we are young, we feel invincible. We are full of life and energy. We move through grades and start thinking about our career, our future spouse and children – we are all hope and smiles. But imagine if it wasn’t like that.

A’Ja hasn’t gotten the chance to have much of a normal life. She was in need of a kidney transplant and looking for a donor. But she never expected to find one where she did: her teacher.

A’Ja’s teacher chose to donate one of her kidneys so that A’Ja would be able to help him have a normal life. She said that this is what teachers do every day – they try to help. “I saw a human in need and I went out to help her.” This teacher may be modest about what she has done, but to A’Ja and her family, she will forever be a hero.

Today, A’Ja and her teacher enter the school together. Tears are shed and the applause goes wild. Wait until you see how the other students react!

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