George Lucas Saves 7-Year-Old From Sith, Boy Returns To The Path Of Light

star wars Colin's Letter from LucasFilm about marriage

Colin Gilpatric wants to get married.

Finding love, getting married, starting a family – familiar desires for most of us, right?

Sure, the path to true love can be a long and winding road, each of us encountering different obstacles and setbacks along the way. And then there’s all the time and money that go into planning the wedding and actually getting married. But it’s still an achievable goal for most people.

But Colin encountered some very unique challenges on his path toward marriage.

First of all, Colin is only 7-years-old. While his current age prevents him from getting legally married, Colin isn’t going to let that stop him. Instead he continued on, with passion and diligence, keeping his goal in mind, every day.

Colin soon found a more formidable obstacle blocking his path, however. He found out that, even after he’s old enough to get married, he will have to make some major changes in his life. Changes to the very core of his being.

Even this seemingly insurmountable hurdle couldn’t stop Colin. Not able to tackle this obstacle on his own, Colin wrote a letter to someone he thought may be able to help…

George Lucas.

Watch the video to find out what happened, then SHARE Colin’s inspiring story. May the Force be with you…

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