Whatever it is that needs to get done that is important to you, make sure you know what you need to do to complete it. Start in a positive way and end just as positive as when you started by checking out these 11 steps in how to get the most important things done. Begin with a plan of action, learn to prioritize and stay focused, take breaks and re-energize when needed. You can do it as long as you put your mind to it! Check out the steps below and get yourself started.

1. Make Out Your Plan Of Action On Paper

Start by making out your plan of action on working through important things by writing what you need to do down. Whether you write notes, a web, or a more organized chart or spreadsheet, make sure you have it there near you so you can often check to see where you are at and what still needs to be down. Each important project you find yourself faced with should have a plan. Not only does this ensure quality, it is important to ensure that you do not forget. If working on an important project for a boss or work, making a plan can also be a good way to show your boss you are capable of getting work done and staying organized. So make that plan and start working.

2. Prioritize

Next, prioritize the important things you need to get done by putting the most important things first. If they have deadlines, put the ones that have an up and coming deadline on the first of your list and go from there. If everything has the same deadline, consider a method that works best for you. Maybe you find that working on the easiest things first helps you get it all done faster. However you work, make sure you prioritize in order to maintain organization and keep that momentum going throughout the day.

3. Focus

When you are ready to start digging into your work, focus. Eliminate distractions wherever they exist. If you have one than one thing needed to be done at the same time, multi-task and make sure you are aware of what needs to be done with what. Again this is the reason what an action plan is important. Stay organized and focus on what is in front of you.

4. Motivate

Although this step is an important step throughout the whole course of getting things done, motivation is a great way to keep the energy going. Whatever you have to do to keep yourself motivated make sure you take the time to do so. Do not procrastinate! Motivate yourself from beginning to end to keep yourself from falling victim to procrastination and giving up all together. What are some ways to stay motivated? Remember to look at the big picture. What is it you seek to accomplish by completing this task? By remembering the outcome from beginning to end, it keeps you working diligently until you finally get there.

5. Set Reminders

Set reminders if you find that you have so much important things to complete. You can set reminders in a number of ways from adding them on the calendar, setting alarms or writing down reminders and carry them with you as you run around getting things done. They are a good way to remind you that you have to work with time and that you may have to work on sometime else at some point for those of you who find yourself extremely busy! Visual reminders are a great way to stay focused and to work effectively. You can also have reminders on what it is you want to do and why it is important to encourage you to keep going.

6. Get Started

And now it is time to actually start! Get started on what it is you need to do and rest assured that you will get it done. If you have drawn up a plan, motivated yourself, set reminders, prioritized and plan to stay focused than you should have no problem getting up and going. Just dig right into it and put all those worries and stress aside. Do not know where to start exactly? Look back at that plan of action. Study it and make a mental image in your head. Maybe it is easiest to start with biggest part of the plan and adding details later. Whatever works best for you!

7. Be Consistent

While you are at it, be consistent. Keep going with the flow and you may find that you actually get whatever you are doing done quicker than you expected. Sometimes when we find ourselves at a climax or a point that is hard to maneuver, we decide to walk away. Do not let that be you. When you find yourself in a phase in which you feel stuck, take a moment, think of your options and choose which one you think will work best considering the situation. Do not let stress get you. Keep on moving with your confidence in check and your attitude optimistic.

8. Take Small Breaks

When you feel yourself tired and flustered, take small breaks and rest for a moment. Let your mind rejuvenate. Enjoy some fresh air, a snack or some coffee and rest for a good 5-10 or so minutes before you are ready to go again. There is nothing wrong with taking a small break. Do not tire yourself out to the point where you are being inconsistent in your work or not doing the best you could be doing. When you find your mind is flustered and irritation is creeping up on you and you feel ready to explode, take a break and get back on it when you can.

9. Energize

Take a few moments to stretch, breathe and eat. Do not forget to stay hydrated as well. Sure this sounds like a mother’s nagging but often when we are on the go, we may forget to tend to our bodies which in turn may cause us to crash. Do not forget to energize yourself in order to get these important things done.

10. Finish

Now you can take a big sigh of relief because you are finally finished! Hooray! Admire your results, smile and laugh at how well you have worked. Give yourself a pat on the back and acknowledge how wonderful and great you are. Now that you know you have the strength and perseverance to get the most important things done, plan on working just as hard to get them done again in the future.

11. Repeat

And if you have more important things to work on, take a deep breath and repeat. You can do it. Just put your mind to it and follow these steps to get you there. Simple right?

Whether for work, school or home, here are 11 steps on how to get the most important things done. Do not wait until the last minute when there is no time to spare and stress begins to really kick you in the butt. Instead, make a plan, stick to it and get to work. Good Luck!

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