11 Ways To Not Go To Bed With Your Past But With Your Dreams

Looking for a way to have a great sleep to encourage an even better morning? These 11 ways to not go to bed with your past but with your dreams may help you feel you can do so. Let your past stay where it should be, in the past, and allow your restful night full of positive dreams lead you into a fulfilling future ahead. The better sleep you get, the more likely you are to succeed at changing the way you think and feel, leaving the past behind.

1. Think Positive Thoughts Before Sleeping

Think about everything that makes you happy before you dose off into dreamland. While lying in bed think positive thoughts and let them take you into better dreams. After all research indicates that people tend to dream about what they have focused on prior to sleeping. So plan on thinking about those things that keep you happy and optimistic for a nice sleep full of visions of your near future.

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2. Mediate

Take deep breathes and listen to yourself feel your heart beat as you lay in your bed for the night. Let your breathing guide you into a peaceful sleep. By focusing on our body’s natural functioning processes we can put the past aside and focus on what is presently in front of us. That is the fact they we are living and everything will be okay.

3. De-Stress Before Sleeping

De-stressing before sleep can include everything from stretching to bathing or massaging your head. Try one of these techniques to get you feeling at ease before sleep. Gently massage weary limps. The soothing sensation releases tension and restlessness and relaxes aching muscles and bones.

By de-stressing the body in this way, you focus on the relaxation of your physical being and less on the past and other elements that may be wearisome for you. You further release the buildup off tension and let your mind drift into a relaxed state of dreaming.

Often we forget that your physical conditions can remind us of past circumstances. By doing simple things such as massaging and stretching, you can ease physical ailments and bodily stress. This also releases pleasure feelings in the brain surrounding you with positive energy to enjoy a restful sleep and peaceful dreams.

4. Remember That The Past Is The Past For A Reason

Letting the past control everything you do even sleep? Remember that the past is part of the past for a reason. Your past has a way of sticking to you whether it is as a reminder of things you could have changed, or things you have learned from. But do not let it define you. You have dreams. We all have dreams. Let yourself escape into those dreams and let them guide you into a positive future reality.

5. Make Sure Your Bed Is A Place Of Comfort

A simple way to get rid of the past before bed and to welcome dreams is by making sure your bed is a place of comfort. Line you resting place with pillows, comfortable blankets and a soft and warm environment for peaceful rest. Enjoying sleep, knowing that your bedroom is a safe place for you to escape after long days is important in keeping your mind open and free.

6. Put The Day Behind You And Think About All The Good Tomorrow Can Bring

Putting the day to rest as soon as night falls is a good way to welcome the prospect of tomorrow. Think of all the good tomorrow can bring and do not focus too much on today’s earlier failures or learning experiences. Instead imagine how things can change in the near future and plan to embrace those changes as soon as you wake up for the new day. Tomorrow is always a chance to make things better.

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7. Imagine Sleeping Well

Even simply imagining yourself sleeping well can do wonders as you rest. Imagine a comfortable bed, sweet dreams, a peaceful sleep throughout the whole night. Let these visions guide you into a temperate mood for dreaming leaving the distraught past where it belongs.

8. Go To Bed Planning To Seize The Day Tomorrow

Go to bed planning to seize the day tomorrow. If we pay too much attention to the past, we often neglect the future and life slips right on past us. Making a commitment to grasp the oncoming day before you sleep may promote positive and motivational dreams to get you up and ready for accomplishing those dreams you have. Experience life anew and enjoy the surge of joy you feel as you scheme a day full of accomplishment and hope ahead of you.

9. Read A Good Book Before Snoozing

Simple yet important not only because it may help us sleep but also because it stimulates the mind and adds to our overall knowledge, reading a good book before bed can get us in the mood to enjoying peaceful sleep. Reading also makes us focus on characters in the book and the storyline rather than what may disturb us from our past.

If the book is a good book with inspirational characters, then let them be a source of encouragement for you. What better way to fall asleep than to have last thought of something inspirational that may encourage your nightly visions and real dreams ahead.

10. Enjoy Some Good Music

Enjoying some good classical, jazz or calm music before bed can inspire you to have peaceful dreams. Music, which is often also used for therapy also calms nervous minds and over anxious thoughts. Music can get you feeling good and relaxed, sending you into affirmative and confident thoughts about life in general.

Depending on the type, music is a good way to temporarily change the way you think and feel and get yourself ready for the next stage of the day. Relaxation.

11. Let Your Mind Be At Ease

When things that stress you start creeping into your head, remind yourself to let your mind be at ease. Try and let go of all thoughts and put your focus on something as simple as perhaps the sound of crickets outside your window or the sounds of the silent nights. Take in the silence and enjoy it for what it is, time to relax without the constraints of long days and past mistakes.

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The night, our time for visionary solitude should be a source of inspiration as we lay and let our dreams take us to places. Let your mind be at ease so your dreams can be all the more relaxing.

Feeling optimistic about letting the past go? These 11 ways to go to bed without the past but with dreams ahead may help in keeping you motivated. While the past may help motivate you in keeping your dreams alive often the past can be a deterrent for restful sleep and overall mental strain.


Enjoy the night for what it is, a time to relax and enjoy the comforts of your own private space, your bed. Practice letting your mind be at ease, by reading a book, de-stressing, meditating and so much more to get you ready for a soothing rest leading you into a great tomorrow.

Do you have any pre-bed rituals that help you ease the transition from waking life to slumberland? Please share them in the comments below.

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