When These Two Collide, It’ll Change Everything You Thought You Knew About Them

A puppy and a baby goat walk into a yard…

It sounds like the start to some silly joke, right? But the truth is so much cuter.

In order to help you keep seeing the brighter side of life, I’m happy to share this video with you. It’s totes adorbs.

At first, it seems like the kid (baby goat) and puppies aren’t going to get along too well. They have completely different ideas of what it means to play around the yard. For a second or two, I was even scared they would get into a fight and that the puppies would get trampled or otherwise hurt by the goat.

But the truth is, they DO work it out. If a baby goat and baby dog can figure out how to get alone with one another, can’t the rest of us follow suit and do the same?

It makes me so sad to read (or watch) the news and find out about people being horrible to other people somewhere. Sure, racial differences, cultural differences, and political beliefs can cause some issues. Some of those issues are even pretty difficult to overcome. But that doesn’t mean they’re impossible.

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