Watch This Grandma Dance Her Heart Out!

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Do you ever feel like you’re not really living life – that you’re just going through the motions?

It’s easy to do. Time really does fly. We work a lot. We raise our families. We try to fit in things like workout routines, cooking classes, and sleep when we can. Let’s face it – we have a lot going on! And our to-do list is distracting us from really living.

When was the last time you stopped and smelled the roses?

Well, not necessarily literally smelled the roses. Metaphorically. Do you enjoy the moments in your life to the fullest?

Every now and then I run into someone who looks like they are REALLY living life – and loving every moment of it. You know those people? They seem free. Uninhibited. Crazy by some people’s standards. But boy are they happy!

Exhibit A: the woman in this video. She is just on a walk with her dog and comes across a street performer. Wait until you see what she does – you won’t believe it! She has great moves!

Watch this video to watch the coolest grandma every rock her socks off, and please SHARE this to encourage others to be themselves!

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