You’ve Probably Said These 4 Words Thousands Of Times. But Wait Til You See What This Guy DOES When He Says Them…

“Have a good night.”

By the time you’re in your thirties, you’ve probably said those four words, (or some variation thereof), around 4,782 times.

Ok, I just made that number up. But I’m sure it’s a lot.

It’s pretty much just a reflex at this point. Just something you say… when you leave, or someone else leaves, or you’re about to hang up the phone… and it’s too late in the day to wish them a good afternoon, and not yet early enough to wish them a good morning.

But have you ever really MEANT it?

Andrew Hales more than means it. Which is totally obvious when you watch the video below.

Andrew has a YouTube channel and blog. Both are called “LAHWF” which, according to Andrew, means “Losing All Hope Was Freedom.” I don’t know the whole story behind the name but I totally dig it. And I love his videos, which he calls, “awkward social experiments.”

One night, Andrew and his friend Stuart visited several late night diners in Utah with a very specific purpose. They were going to expose the unreasonably low minimum wage ($2.13/hr) in a very provocative way… by tipping their waiters $200 each!

Just wait til you see how these prank “victims” react to the boys’ extraordinary generosity!

And when Andrew tells his waitress to, “have a good night,” at the end of the video, you can bet your butt he meant it… and that she really did have a good night.

Watch the video to see what a good night actually looks like. And please SHARE IT with your friends, fam, and followers.

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