Have You Ever Said “I Can’t”? Watch This And Think Again

Every day I get long emails explaining me why that person can’t do something. At the beginning I decided to take the time to personally reply with a very detailed and specific answer. I cited myself as an example of no matter how tough you got started in life, you could still turn it around and live the life of your dreams.

But that wasn’t enough. And certainly I could manage it when I was getting a few of those emails a day. Because my mission is to help people achieve their dreams, so I should be doing that everyday, no matter how many I got, right? Well, I was thinking there should be a way to help so many people and achieve my mission at the same time. So I decided to put two videos of Nick, a great life story. He was born without arms… and without legs. But he has no complains! And because he always says “I can!” I decided embeding the videos here would be the best idea.

PLEASE if you decide to give yourself an opportunity and take the time to watch the videos, give me a favor. Please commit to leaving a comment after you’ve watched them. In your comment state how you felt before watching them, and more importantly what your worries in life were. Detail them please. Actually, write them now, before hiting Play. Because you’ll forget. Warning, these videos can radically help you change your life in a great way. And then write down how you feel after you watch them, and what your worries, concerns, and problems are. And WHY you still believe you can’t… if you still think so!

Thank you so much for helping me achieve my mission in life!!



The problem is, if you feel you can’t, you’ll find all the reasons in the world… to show you that you’re right, that you couldn’t!

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” ― Henry Ford.

Did you watch the videos? How do you really feel now? Please do share it with me, I really want to know! Thanks.



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