What They Hear Is Incredible… It Makes Me Cry.

It’s so easy for us to take what we have for granted. You don’t even realize how important it was to you until you lose it.

[bctt tweet=”It’s so easy for us to take what we have for granted.”]

Sometimes, it doesn’t even take you losing it to know how much you need it. You see the world around you have what you need in abundance and they do not value it.

We could all use this reminder.

I was watching this video and it struck me that I am so blessed by what I have. It helped me to remember that even though I do not have everything I want, I have what is important.

There will always be those out there in need of what I posses. Instead of complaining, I want to be thankful for what I have.

If you are like me, and this video touched you, be sure to SHARE it with someone else. We all need to be reminded that we all have something to be happy about.

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