She Prayed Every Night To See Her Baby Again. 77 Years Later Her Wish Comes True… Wow!

In 1928 Minka Disbrow was raped and found herself pregnant with the man’s baby at the age of 16.

As a woman, I have imagined being placed in this exact this exact situation.

The thought is almost unbearable. It would be like living a nightmare. What would you do?

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There are points in life where the lines between right and wrong are blurry. Horrific circumstances sometimes force us to make very difficult decisions. There are conflicting feelings pulling you in both directions.

At 16 years old, Minka was left with a decision that she should never have to make. She had a child that she was unable to care for. She decided to give her baby up for adoption.

From that point forward, she prayed every night that someday she would see Betty Jane again. Minka said, “Never give up on your miracle.” And she never did. Seventy years later, she saw her baby again.

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How will things be after so many years? Watch the video to see Minka meet her daughter, and please SHARE this with someone you love and could not live without.

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