Star High School Football Player Is Shot In The Head And Lives To Share A Very Special Message With Us

Turan is nearing the end of high school. He has things set. He is a star football player and plans to go to college, hopefully on a football scholarship. He loves playing and he is very good. Everything seems to be going perfectly…until one fateful day when his life changed forever.

Turan was shot in the back of the head. The wound should have killed him, but he is still alive. However, things have changed a little. The wound did some serious damage and Turan is now learning how to walk, talk and function normally.

Can you imagine having your life change so dramatically at such a young age? Everything he had planned has changed. I would think that it would be so hard to carry on and maintain a positive attitude, but Turan does it brilliantly. His mom says “he never gives up, even on the worst days.” And this puts my “worst days” into a whole new perspective.

Watch this video to see meet Turan and his family and please SHARE this to spread the message that we need to live EVERY day with a positive attitude – no matter what!

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