He Doesn’t Let Being Homeless Stop Him From Powerful Giving

Where I grew up, there were many homeless people that walked the streets. The shelters would fill up quickly, and a lot of people would be made to sleep wherever they could. Sleeping on the streets and in alleys is a less than ideal situation.

I watched this video about a homeless boy in another country. The conditions he had to overcome made living on the streets in America seem like a luxury. There were no homeless shelters or orphanages for him to try and get into.

In his poverty, a man reached out to him and gave him hope when he had none. What impressed me the most is that at the age of 13, this young boy has helped more people than I could ever imagine helping.

You will feel inspired after you watch his story and what he does for other kids living on the streets. It was such a blessing to me to see a child that owns nothing, find ways to make a huge difference in the world.

Today, I am reminded at how much good I can do with the resources I have. If you felt inspired, be sure to SHARE THIS with someone else. Keep the inspiration going.

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