Watch People Honor The Saluting Soldier, In Memory Of Those Who Have Fallen

This video is about a symbolic display in memory of those who have fallen and those who have yet to return. It’s a powerful  action that was caught on tape and shared through social media, instantly going viral.

A symbol can be so powerful. It can inspire people to be better, it can start movements. Most of all, it can unite us. This video is a great example of how people can be brought together for something that they care about.

Maybe you have lost someone who was off fighting for our country. Or maybe you are missing someone who is away now. It’s likely that in one way in or another you know someone who is involved, which means this video is for you.

Watch as one man stops and salutes the soldier. What an amazing moment! This is a fantastic tribute to those are out fighting for our country.

Watch this video to see this soldier standing tall and proud while lines of people go by and please SHARE this with someone who is missing their soldier. “All gave some, some gave all.”

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