3 Horrible Habits You Might Have And How To Kill Them

Whether you are dealing with a stressful or non-encouraging environment or it is you yourself that is causing strain, these 3 horrible habits can keep you from overall happiness and life’s immense joys. Have a look below to see if you are dealing with any of these issues and read on further for ways to deal with them.

1. Negatively Assessing Situations

Often whether in our own minds or out loud through discussions and communications with others, we can get into the habit of negatively assessing situations or thinking and acting in negative ways. With everything in the news these days being so negative, it is no wonder that we are often left with a sour taste on life. Like butter on bread, negativity spreads and can become a hard habit to get rid of.

Often advice includes “try and think on the positive side of things” which is absolutely true. Thinking positively can reduce the chances of you slipping into a pessimistic outlook on life. Learn to think positively by surrounding yourself with positive influences whether people or overall environment.

Look at the details of each and every thing you find yourself criticizing and try to find something beautiful, something encouraging in it and train your mind to work on becoming an optimist. Be constructive and enjoy the affirmation you get from doing so.

2. Laziness

Let’s face it. We all can be a bit lazy sometimes but this habit does not have to define you. While enjoying rest and quietude is important for easing stress and strain on your mental and physical health, overall idleness and laziness can definitely pose another harmful strain in your life.

Do not let one lazy day spin out of control. For the time that you would rather rest and take a break, consider everything that you need to do and make a plan to do it all the next day. Doing so in this way keeps you from forming lazy ways and procrastinating until the very end. The stress created from procrastination and laziness far exceeds stress from doing what you need to achieve something. While finding time to rest is great, avoiding too much rest can keep you on your way.

3. Too Much Self Criticism

Also a typical habit, h can be both positive and negative depending on how and when you use it. Often out of fear of rejection and perhaps from previous experiences, we might self-criticize ourselves whether out loud or in our head. Too much criticism can make you weary and forget what you are good at and discourage you from pursuing goals. Try taking a deep breath and just go for what it is you want to do and see yourself in a new light.

Try reaffirmation techniques such as reminding yourself how great you are and what you have accomplished. Push and motivate yourself and when you feel the bad habit of self-criticism coming through, push the thought away with a positive reminder “yes you can.”

Whether you are dealing with self-criticism, laziness or negativity, these 3 horrible habits can keep you feeling bothered and anxious. Let go of these horrible habits and discover the secrets that were there for you all along in order to achieve a fully intriguing life. Otherwise, waiting for joy to come your way can take a lifetime. Find out what is keeping you from happiness and let it go with the wind.

Have I missed anything? Let me know with your comments below.

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