7 Things To Improve Your Attitude Today

improve your attitude

Life can be difficult and overwhelming at times, and it’s even more difficult when you have the wrong attitude. Attitude is how you process and take in everything. In other words, it’s how you react, and how you process real time events.

Because it governs your thoughts and even actions, it’s imperative to have a good, positive attitude so that your goals and dreams can not only be realized but appreciated. There are a few common misconceptions about attitude, and one is that It’s not important and that fate is what guides your life and choices.

If you believe that, you might live life passively and it can slowly drain your dreams and aspirations until you’ve got nothing but a husk of your goal left. Don’t give in to this masochistic tendency and instead take the reins of your attitude and steer your life towards greener pastures.

In reality, attitude controls and dictates how you feel and in many ways how your life unfolds. As the famous evangelical Christian pastor, author, educator, and radio preacher Charles Swindoll says; “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.”

If you feel yourself slipping into submission and want to learn how to improve your attitude, try following these 7 ideas.

!. You Are In Control

Don’t forget it! You control and dictate your attitude and with the proper mental preparation and continued training you can change your attitude permanently.

Don’t forget that life isn’t about what happens to you—it’s what you do about it. This isn’t just a case of optimism versus negativity either, it’s more about how to control your feelings to change your outcome.

2. Realize How Important Attitude Is

We all know people who have bad attitudes, a pattern of self-inflicted and self-imposed set of negative rules that make life way harder than it really needs to be. Bad attitudes can derail everything in your life, your career, your relationships and your future.

If you don’t realize there’s a problem however, you won’t be able to change your attitude. Opportunities and chances can elude you, never presenting themselves again all because you didn’t have the right frame of mind.

3. Don’t Give In

Never let go of those dreams and goals, because the second you do you allow doubt and negativity to fill that void in your head. On your path of life, there’s bound to be a few falls and your attitude will determine whether you can rebound or you will stay down.

Having lost my own business and suffered through great personal tragedy, I can attest to the despair and despondency that can set in. Like an unwanted houseguest, these feelings linger and permeate everything in your life.

I know many people who had the same thing happen, but couldn’t rise above it. Many of these people are much more intelligent, motivated and talented than I could ever dream of being. Attitude is what helped me reinvent myself, and through this I’ve found success and happiness once again.

Attitude is what got me there, by changing my outlook on my past and my future. Don’t give in and allow yourself to sink in the mire. Instead, change your outlook and focus and rise again.

4. Reflect, Learn, Repeat

Remember these three steps whenever life throws you a curveball. Assess and reflect your situation and try to positively take something away from the situation. It doesn’t always have to be an optimistic lesson, but try to make it a point to take something away from the experience.

What is your attitude towards your family? Towards your co-workers and people who you have to directly interact with in regards to your career? What would you do differently? Why are you not doing it?

The next step is to learn from what you’ve gleaned after reflecting on the problem. Even if the lesson is painful, it’s something that you can apply to your future and prevent negativity in your attitude.

Repeat these two steps until you train yourself to mentally prepare for what’s ahead. Reflect and learn so that you don’t walk away discouraged complaining, and instead take the situation by the horns and control your life through positive action.

Everyone fails or has had life beat them down, your attitude is the one thing you can control and master. Use these steps to fine hone this ability, and you’ll never have another problem overcoming a hurdle again.

5. Do Not Fear

Be fearless in your quest for a better attitude, and don’t settle for anything less than perfection if you want to improve your attitude. This kind of bold attitude and outlook can keep you pointing in the same direction when trouble in your life surfaces it’s ugly head.

To improve your attitude, don’t let fear dictate your actions. Instead, fearlessly charge ahead and don’t be afraid to be bold. You want change in your life, so assert yourself to reach greatness. Negativity will sap your productivity and energy and is a trait that many people can see from a mile away.

6. Believe In Yourself

This step is a big one and not easy, but you can’t allow a bad attitude to grow into self-doubt. When you have trouble believing in yourself, it’s going to be hard to change your attitude.

Don’t forget that you are great and you’ve got greatness within you. It’s a big part of how you feel about yourself, which in turn changes the way you feel about others and the way they feel about you.

7. Slow Down

When your bad attitude is hurting your life and your relationship with people, slow down just a tad and see if it doesn’t help. While keeping your thoughts positive, think before you act and avoid losing your temper.

Remember that thoughts in haste become words, which in turn become actions, which then become habits, and eventually evolve into character. Take a moment before you speak or act, and consider if you are applying lessons learned from past mistakes. Your attitude will begin to change for the better.

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