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Critical to achieving your goals and vital to your happiness, your daily outlook affects every single aspect of your life. When you have a bad or negative outlook, chances are there’s more heading down the pipeline.

When this negativity begins to settle in, it can wrest control of your daily outlook and cause depression and make your life miserable. The outlook you take on every day is not only part of your nature and routine, but it shapes and forms your perspective and life outcomes.

In other words, your outlook is your attitude which becomes your reactions and changes you. When you hate your job, the negative outlook of hating your job becomes part of you. You don’t find it odd to come to work hating your life, because it’s the outlook you’ve become accustomed to.

Not only does this affect you, but it affects your interactions with others. You don’t find others that hate their jobs as out of the ordinary, and you think people who love what they do are strange or odd. You’ll gravitate to those who can relate to you, which only sinks you further into your negativity and bad attitude.

1. I Am

“I am,” is a powerful phrase and one that Pastor Joel Osteen loves to invoke when challenging the people’s outlooks. Use this phrase to effectively gauge where you are mentally and how you feel about your life.

Ask yourself to fill in the blank and finish the sentence “I am ____,” to get a bead on how you feel about yourself and your life. If your reaction or adjective is negative, use these tips until you feel your outlook improve. As you improve, continue to keep yourself on track.

2. Keep Positive Thoughts

Flush out negative thoughts and keep optimistic thoughts in your mind. Maintaining optimism might be extremely tough at times, but it’s a key cog in the machine of your mind. Increase your mental toughness by training yourself to see the positive in everything.

Constantly strive for and maintain these positive thoughts, just as you strive to reach your goals and dreams. Believe me, they are more closely linked than many believe.

3. Lower Your Guard

Most people consider themselves optimistic and open minded. Eliminating your ego from your equation can really help you get a new outlook. Try to listen to what your friends and loved ones have to say about your outlook and attitude.

Many times a view from the outside looking in can reveal things about us that we don’t notice. Some of these things may not be pleasant to hear, but if you want to reinvent your daily outlook it’s important to lower your guard and listen.

4. Flip The Script

The next time that life has you down or you receive some bad news, try to flip your mental script for a better result. Instead of thinking that these things are all happening to you, instead try to mentally prepare yourself to consider that these things are happening for you.

Even bad things in life can carry vital life messages and reveal unknown or hidden opportunities. Change your daily outlook to ensure you don’t miss out on any of these chances to learn and grow.

5. Think Before You Act

It’s one of the tougher steps to improving your daily outlook, but a vitally important one. Remove emotion and don’t act hastily when things don’t go quite your way. Think twice about what you are about to do or say before you do it.

This helps you avoid the pitfalls of personal interaction and your relationships with others will improve. Thinking rationally and without emotion lets you make an informed and thoughtful choice, instead of a hasty, irrational one.

6. Birds Of A Feather

It’s not just some silly cliché. It’s very true about your daily outlook. Don’t waste your time around people who will drag down your outlook or keep your thoughts on negative things. Instead, rally around friends and loved ones who have a good attitude, because your surroundings influence you.

People with good daily outlooks are usually high achievers, and the positive people rub off on anyone associating with them, just like negative people or people with a poor daily outlook.

7. Challenge Yourself

The best thing you can do when you are trying to improve your daily outlook is to challenge yourself daily. One of our tips to improve your daily outlook was to ask yourself to finish the sentence of “I am,” and now you need to challenge yourself to apply the principles in question.

It’s said that whatever your daily outlook is and how you perceive yourself are what life will bring you. In other words, if you describe yourself with a negative adjective, that’s what you’re attracting. If you feel unworthy or feel as though you don’t have many things that others do, this is exactly what life will continue to bring you.

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Instead, stop comparing yourself to others. Stop measuring yourself against the parameters that society deems as worthy or successful. Find and discover what makes you happy, what drives you, and apply it to your own life and redefine how you think about yourself.

You will find that a new attitude and outlook will bring you a different, positive take on life, even when it doesn’t look optimistic initially.

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Take ownership of your daily outlook and change it for the better. Use your outlook as a defense against negativity. Looking through the prism of your own confidence, you’ll see success where others see failure.

Have I missed anything? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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