The 7 Key Ingredients You Need To Make A Delicious Recipe Called Life

Life can be like making a complex yet delicious dish. With various ingredients added to create a masterpiece according to your desires and tastes. The satisfaction is felt long after everything has been devoured and the stomach is full and your body is pleased and content.

Like a delicious recipe, the benefits of keeping on that path to fulfillment are only as great as the ingredients you put into it. The ingredients give it flavor, personality and an added personal touch that embodies you and your experiences. Each recipe is therefore different, worth being proud of. Each recipe and added key ingredients are a joyful experience.

Here are 7 key ingredients to make a delicious recipe called life. Check them out below and begin creating a life that has the flavors you desire.

1. A Clear Description Of What You Want To End Up With

Like baking a cake, envision what you want your life to look like. What are some things you feel complete it? Along the way you may want to add something here or there. Maybe after all is done you may want to add something next time. Knowing what you want, how you want it, and when is the best way to keep on track to accomplishing your goals and playing out your dreams.

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Having a clear description of your planned outcomes can help you get there even if something changes along the way. Enjoy the change and see how it can best serve you to get to where you want to be.

Change does not indicate that things have gone wrong. Rather change is a part of most everything and what matters most is still being able to get to where you want in the end. Envision that cake, the accomplishment of your goals, and plan to admire your work and dedication. Even if it takes you longer than expected, the quality of the result will be what is most appreciated in the end.

This will hopefully challenge you to confidently give it another shot based off of what you have learned so far. Embrace your new found knowledge and envision giving it another go.

2. A Foundational Base To Hold It All Together

Like baking anything especially a cake, having a foundation – a key ingredient that brings everything together – is perhaps most important. Everything has to start from somewhere after all. And everything has something that holds it together.

Maybe your foundation is your dreams for the future, your flour in the cake. From there add what it takes to progress. Add what it takes to encourage yourself to keep going. Maybe you find that you don’t like what you have, never fear about going back and trying again.

Not being too sure about your foundation is also a part of our journeys. Maybe not having enough of a foundation can also create instability. Going back and figure out what works is okay and can get you going on your way. After learning to bake for the first time, many people choose to do so again this time trying with a new base or more of something.

Like baking, certain things in life can be tried again and again with new purpose and new meaning. Human nature is complex like that yet as easy as we want to make it.

3. A Little Spice To Keep Things Lively

Who doesn’t like a little something extra? Adding “spice” in your life is a sure way of keeping things lively and entertaining. Who doesn’t appreciate a bit of entertainment? Like a hidden taste of cinnamon or a burst of paprika when least expected, trying something new can heighten your senses and increase your happiness. Just because you’re afraid of something, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

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Not used to spice? Try taking small steps and introduce a little at a time. Remember, you do not want to use up all that flavor in one recipe. That can eventually overwhelm you and leave you feeling upset.

4. Stir It Up A Little

Making sure everything blends well also keeps you going down a path into a surprising journey called life. Allowing and adding all the things that make life more interesting for you also creates nice memories and surprises that keep you on your feet.

Like stirring a pot of warm vegetable stew with spices and vegetables of every kind, stirring up what makes your life so interesting generates a more fulfilled understanding of purpose and satisfaction.

All is mixed up well and in the end a taste of this and a taste of that in each spoonful, each memory or action creates a greater awareness of all the complexities of life that work together in a lovely learning cycle called the human experience. The colorful mix and pleasing aroma also speaks a thousand words. A story to tell to grandchildren and friends some day.

5. Add Something Sweet During The Journey

Every so often giving into cravings is not so bad. Similar to buying chocolate to satisfy a sweet tooth, doing something in life that you want but do not necessarily need, can be just as gratifying. Living life abundantly can reap many rewards especially when you yourself feel pleased.

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Allow yourself some treats and give in to pleasure sometimes to keep yourself happy and positive, moving along when the time comes.

6. Give It A Little Taste Test To Make Sure You Are Getting What You Want

Like cooking something for guests, giving life a little taste can help you decide if you are really going in the right direction. It is good to stop sometimes and think about what you have accomplished and what you want to in the near and distant future. Think about what you want to change, where you want to go and do a little exploring. If you don’t like what you see, it is okay to figure out how to change that and try something different.

Life is all about experiences, trying a variety of things that interest you can get you where you need to go. Testing out something new can also keep you from heading down a path that you had no intention of taking in the first place.

7. If At First You Do Not Succeed, Try Again

Lastly, if at first you don’t succeed, have no shame and try again. The important message in all these key ingredients to life is experience and learning. If you know that you want something but you feel like you are failing at it, there should be no shame in trying again.

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Everyone makes mistakes, it’s part of the journey. Like most good recipes, some work and experimentation had to occur to eventually get it right. Let yourself test the waters and experiment. Success is there waiting for you when you least expect it.

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These are the 7 ingredients to make a delicious recipe called life. Whatever your life may be, wherever you may be, remember to enjoy the experience and be satisfied with the taste. Although not all experiences are the same, the way we understand them, and understand ourselves and how certain events can actually compliment us, a great addition for our personal books called life.

Are there any ingredients I’ve missed? Please feel free to add them in the comments section below.

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