Hoping for a good and worth your while read this summer? Check out these three recent inspiration books you should be reading. From tales of friendship, courage, and strength to reflections of a life well spent, these inspirational books can help keep you feeling great this summer. It worked well for me, and I’m sure you will find at least one of them a great choice!

1. “A Full Life: Reflections At Ninety”

Written by Jimmy Carter and in publication this July, A Full Life, reads like a journal or a leisure conversation with the 39th president of the USA- Jimmy Carter. From his experiences as a Nobel Peace Prize winner to international humanitarian and even a fisherman, former President Carter happily reflects on certain instances of his public and private life spanning many decades.

Carter’s insight is dynamic- he speaks of racism in rural Georgia to his time spent in the Navy. He fondly remembers his mother and others who influenced his life in such ways to bring him from the vagueness of rural life into the world spotlight as one of the most forceful presidents of the USA. This book is an inspirational read as it draws on many things that make the free world great. I’m sure you will like it!

2. “All The Light We Cannot See”

This inspirational read written Anthony Doerr and published in May of 2014 tells the tale of a young blind girl in Paris during WII and her eventual friendship with a young German boy. After their paths cross in a devastated France, the story follows their survival.

Marie-Laure, the main character, learns her way through town by touch rather than sight. She and her father flee to a walled citadel once the Germans occupy France. Werner, the German boy whose path crosses Marie-Laure’s tries to escape his ties as a Hitler youth. Beautifully written, thrilling and enchanting at each turn of the page, this read is further proof in the goodness of humanity and the warmness of friendship.

3. “Yellow Crocus”

This last read by Laila Ibrahim, written also in 2014, is a dynamic tale which takes place in the slavery-era of the USA. It is a tale of a strong bond between two women who are supposed to be divided by ethnicity but a very real circumstance brings them closer together.

Mattie, the African American wet nurse is forced to take care of Lisbeth, the white daughter of her slave master. Because she does so from the moment Lisbeth is born up until she is an adult, Lisbeth sees Mattie as more of a mother figure than her own mother. She often wanders to the slave quarters and begins to bond with them. The friendly and mother and daughter bond between the two women is moving and emotional.

The tale is full of love, forgiveness and inspiration – a must read for anyone struggling to see the good in others bringing together various backgrounds.

These are just some of the fantastic books for that summer leisure time before the Autumn starts and we find ourselves busy again. Have suggestions for more inspirational summer reads? Let us know in the comments below!

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