This Girl Is Getting A Kidney Transplant. Wait Until You See Who The Donor Is!

Someone once asked me, “What is the thing you most take for granted in your life?

The answer was easy. “My health.”

I’ve always been a very healthy person. But it was never something that I paid much attention to.

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We are lucky to be healthy. Maybe you realize it when you meet someone who is suffering. Or maybe you don’t realize it until you are suffering yourself.

Our health is our livelihood, and we often forget to appreciate that. Especially when we are young and full of energy. We are busy climbing jungle gyms and playing sports. How often do we stop to be grateful for our lives?

Sarah Lewis had a very different childhood. She has an autoimmune disease that attacks her kidneys. Because of her disease, she knows what it means to appreciate health – to appreciate life.

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She is about to undergo a kidney transplant from a very special donor.  Watch the video to meet Sarah’s donor, and please SHARE this so that we make sure we don’t take our health for granted.

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