17 Powerful Lessons You Should Learn From Failure

While failure can be sudden and nerve-wrecking leaving us distraught and fearful of what lies ahead, it doesn’t need to own us nor destroy us. We can learn from failure in so many ways. The following 17 ways are just some of an overabundance of lessons we learn from failing and how we get back up again. Check them out and dust your shoulders off- failure is definitely what you make of it.

1. Failure Shouldn’t Define Us

When it comes to not succeeding at something we want or feel we need you do, if we so happen to fail at it, we cannot let it define us. Sure, we will be met with failure at some points in your life, but that does not mean that our life will be full of failure for the rest of your days.

Determined to not be that person that people always refer to as the one that failed at such and such? Well stay positive and laugh it off. You will hear remarks regardless of if you do or regardless of if you don’t.

2. Failure Is About Learning

Failure is all about learning. We learn from our mistakes and we learn when we fail at what we do. We learn better ways to do things, we learn to use our imaginations more thoroughly. We learn right from wrong and we learn to become stronger.

3. Failure Allows More Room For Change

Failure also allows room for us to experience change and to make changes wherever they are needed. Failing often times means something was missing whether that be the motivation and drive to succeed or the confidence others have in you. Failure may mean one step back but with determination it can mean 2 steps forward. Make the changes you need to get you to where you want to go.

4. Failure Is A Human And Very Universal Experience

Failure happens. And it happens to everyone regardless of what you may see. Sure some celebrities, even random people may post pictures on social media about their perfect lives- trying to have the masses believe that they are forever winning.

But even they failed at some point. They too struggle and they too fall. While we should not wish to see others struggling, know that everyone does at some point and know that everyone is effected by past failures in some way or another.

5. Failure Shows Us Areas In Our Life We Can Work Harder At

Wondering where in your life you can dedicate more time? Well failure can easily show you where you can improve. Fail at something once, try again. Fail at it twice think hard about what direction you want to take. A third time? Maybe it is time for you to work on improving other aspects of your life that you may have neglected.

6. Failure Humbles Us

Many things are humbling and failure is one of them. Why? Because it checks the ego and reminds us that other people are around and to avoid stepping on them. Often when we have a goal in mind, we may neglect or compete with everyone around us- that is until we fail at it. Then we see that we may have gone overboard and it is time for a reality check- a humbling experience.

7. Failure Is Not Rejection

Contrary to what you may think, failure is not necessarily rejection. Sure the words are often used simultaneously in a sentence but they have two different meanings. This matters because rejection is often fraught with heart-wrenching emotion and failure is often more relatable. Make sense?

8. Failure Can Inspire, It Does Not Have To Limit

Believe it or not, failure can be inspiring- it can inspire to be courageous or to be more humble as stated above. It does not have to limit our abilities nor our strength. It happens and it is okay. Learn, be inspired and keep going.

9. Failure Makes Us Realize No One Is Perfect

It makes us also realize that no one in this world is perfect. Everything happens and sometimes we cannot change that. No need to worry. Your imperfections are what makes you unique and able to connect with the world around you to begin with.

10. Failure Makes Us Human

Not only is failure a human experience, it makes us human. As stated above, it helps us connect with the world around us. It is believable and understandable. It is part of discovering our purpose and is dynamic. It does not necessarily have to be such a bad thing.

11. Failure Is A Part of Personal Growth

And it is part of personal growth as well. When we fail, we wallow- we feel sorry for ourselves or maybe a bit bitter. In the end we look back on it and when we think how far we move along we feel refreshed knowing that it was a part of the way we have grown into who we are today.

12. Failure Can Be A Sign

It can be a sign that something may be missing in your life. When you fail, take time to reflect- become more self-aware. Failure really opens up those inner doors that you may have shut so very long ago without really understanding what is on the other side of them.

13. Failure Is However You Choose To Define It

Like most things we experience- beauty, wisdom, friendship and more- failure is how you choose to define it. If you choose not to identify success in something you have done but others see it differently maybe it would be good to hear the others out. Sometimes the way we observe and interpret is so different from the outsider’s perspective and a little chat with someone else may help you see things differently.

14. Even The Greatest Ideas Failed At Some Point

We have all probably been reminded of this at some point or another but sometimes reminders are just what we need. So let me remind you that even the greatest ideas have failed at some point. Even our greatest thinkers have found that some things they have imagined or somethings they have explored are not what they have thought them to be and they find no support.

But you know what they always end up doing? They always end up carrying on- making changes and pushing through until they succeed.

15. Failure Is Not The End

Failure is not the end of the world and definitely not the end of you. While it can be distressing, do not let it leave you feeling like all hope is lost.

16. Failure Can Create All Sorts Of Emotions

It can create all sorts of emotions from feelings of shame to peace, to anger and remorse and sometimes even happiness when we look at the brighter picture and smile because a smile can cure many things.

17. Failure Happens, Move On And Let Go

Failure happens, it does not need to be continual- let go and move on. You are bigger than any failure you have ever experienced. All these lessons serve as a powerful reminder that we all face obstacles yet we still are here. Stand strong and keep on moving. Conquer failure and do not let it get the best of you.

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