Watch As A Zoo Leopard Lunges At A Baby!

When I was little, the zoo was such an exciting place! I grew up in Idaho and our zoo wasn’t that fantastic, but I still had a blast.

Don’t Panic!

I remember one time I went when I was a little older. I was standing in front of the Zebra exhibit. They had only one zebra – standing there, looking super lonely. There was a sign next to his exhibit explaining that you shouldn’t panic if he fell over and started shaking because he had seizures sometimes. Our zoo was a little odd like that.

Every time I went to the zoo I saw something new and exciting. My favorite animals were always the monkeys and the big cats. Monkeys are hilarious to watch. They do so many things that are just like humans.

And then there are the CATS!

There is nothing like watching a big cat pace back and forth. They are so mighty. They walk so gracefully with their beautiful, muscular frames. In this video, you see an encounter between a leopard and a baby that will shock you!

This is one zoo experience you’ll never forget…

Watch the video to see the baby’s reaction when the leopard pounces and please SHARE this with someone you know.

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