No One Expected The Life-Changing Effects Of This Prank


Cara is a hardworking housekeeper and single mother of three. She has never had a day off, unless you count the times she’s been in the hospital for stress and exhaustion. Her children has this to say about her:

“She cares about us very, very much. Not just us but like anybody. Anybody needed something, she’ll be there.”

Her sister, Glo, and her boss, Mary Jo, knew how hard things had been going for Cara. They decided it was time Cara got a much deserved break. With the help of Prank It FWD, they surprise her with a very special day off.

“I hope it shows how much we love and appreciate her.” – Mary Jo

Cara’s day begun with a six-course meal including lobster, edible gold, white truffles, and Kobe steak. Followed by an entire tray of desserts. Talk about starting your day off right! A relaxing massage, designer clothing and much more follow. Including a HUGE GIFT that will change not only Cara’s life, but the lives of her three kids and her sister.

Just wait til you see what the life-changing surprise is at the end. I can’t even imagine how something that huge would affect the lives of this very deserving family. So inspiring!

Watch the video to find out the whole story, and please SHARE if this incredible prank has restored your faith in humanity.

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