9 Things You’ll Wish You’d Known When You Were Younger

There are always some things we wish we had known sooner. Here are nine important life lessons you’ll wish you had known when you were younger:

1. Other People Are Just As Afraid As You Are

You will meet new people everywhere, and almost, everyday. You may seem to be a little nervous seeing new people, wondering what they might be thinking or how much more confident they look as compared to you, but remember that everyone is just as uncomfortable, anxious, and nervous as you.

[bctt tweet=”Remember: everyone is just as uncomfortable, anxious, and nervous as you are.”]

So, next time when you are at a meeting, remember that everyone in the room is feeling as jittery as you about the presentation. It is only that some people are better at putting a confident face.

2. You Need To Invest In Friendships

In order to last, friendships require your time and effort. It is true. Friendship is like an investment, but the results depend entirely on you and your friend. The more time and thought is put into the relationship, the better the fruits it yields.


Not every friendship is meant to last, but the ones which are, they last forever. Take the initiative to get to know the person who spends time at the library, as you do or the coffee shop stranger. Who knows, they could be your new best friend?

3. Don’t Be Afraid Of Judgment, Be Open

It’s okay to talk about your feelings, emotions, and problems with other people. Don’t worry about them judging you. We may not share the same problems or fears as others, but sharing them means that you are only human. It will make people open up to you about their troubles. In the end you will have made a friend.

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4. Exercise Regularly

Okay, so when you were very young, you were fit; your metabolism was strong so you could digest even iron, but as we grow our bodies change. We need to stay fit, and work more, to be in shape from outside as well as the inside. If you start exercising early, it will mean that you will live healthy and live long. Not only that, but exercising helps our bodies cope with stress, too.

[bctt tweet=”Exercising helps our bodies cope with stress.”]

As we grow older the amount of stress our body receives becomes higher. To cope with it, we need more activities. That kind of activity comes from exercise.

5. Help Is Always Available

If you’re having a hard time, there are always resources you can turn to. No matter in what form, you will always have something or someone to help you out. Be it in the form of books, websites or people you will find help. All you need to do is reach out.

[bctt tweet=”If you’re having a hard time, there are always resources you can turn to.”]

6. Don’t Wait For “The Right Time”

The right time for everything is now. There is no other way. Don’t think about what will happen next. The most difficult part of doing something is the start. You will figure out the rest as you go.

7. If You Don’t Fit In, You’re On The Right Path

It is all about being yourself. Everyone is unique and life doesn’t come with pre-written descriptions of how each of us are “supposed” to be. The easiest way to live your life is to just be yourself, even if it means going in the opposite direction as the crowd.

[bctt tweet=”The easiest way to live your life is to just BE YOURSELF, even if it means going against the crowd.” via=”no”]

8. FOMO Isn’t Worth It

No matter how hard you try, you’ll always be missing out on something, somewhere. Your life comes with a lot of activities and you cannot attend all of them. Fear of missing out can cause stress and other health issues. So, you might as well stay right where you are and enjoy, instead of wondering about what you are missing out on.

9. Life’s Full Of Surprises

So, you might want to stop planning. Life is unpredictable and everything that comes included in it is as unpredictable. You can only ‘hope’ for something and move ahead with that, but planning something and expecting everything to work out, is not going to happen.

[bctt tweet=”Life is unpredictable. Go with the flow and take it as it comes.”]

Are there other life lessons you wish you’d known when you were younger? Please share ’em in the comments below!

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