This Little Boy Has An Amazing Voice – And A Secret That Will Break Your Heart.

David Militello

America’s Got Talent has brought in amazing people from all across the country. We have seen all kinds of characters walk across the stage and heard some truly inspiring stories. But the story of the little boy you are about to meet stands apart – it will move you to tears.

Little David is only 9-years-old. When he was younger, his parents were concerned because he wasn’t speaking. Time went on and David turned 3 years old – they still could not get a word out of him. But then something amazing happened.

David started singing. Before he ever uttered his first word, he sang.

Soon after, David underwent a test and it was discovered that he has autism. Singing turned out to be the way that he could express himself the best. At 9 years old, David is now a polite, courageous little boy with an amazing voice and he is about to sing for the judges and the world on America’s Got Talent.

Get ready to be blown away by cuteness!

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