This Little Boy’s Journey Will Move You To Tears

What does the word journey mean to you?

When I think of a journey, there’s always background music. There you are – usually against some predetermined odds – out on your own adventure. Journeys are full of hilarious mishaps, instances of getting irreversibly lost, and stumbling across people and places you never thought you would encounter.

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People go on journeys for all kinds of reasons. Some people are on religious pilgrimages, others have set out to “find themselves.” And then, of course, there’s those who set out on a journey following someone they love. No matter what the reason, it’s usually something you care very deeply about.

What would you go on a journey for?

These two little boys decide to go on a very special journey because one of them misses their mother. They leave the orphanage and go on a trip all by themselves. Things keep going wrong, but that doesn’t stop them. They smile and keep going.

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When he finally gets to his mom, I started crying! And not for the reason that you think. Watch the video to see where their journey leads them, and please SHARE this with a friend who has an important journey of their own.

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