10 Differences Between Those Who Love Life and Those Who Don’t

Did you know that there are two groups of people in this life; the life lovers and the non-life lovers? This could be an obvious piece of information, but what might not be as obvious or not fully pictured are the differences between these two groups. And how do both groups react differently to identical situations?

Moreover, why is it important to be a life lover and not a non-life lover? This is important because mentally categorizing yourself as part of the life lovers’ group allows you to react to situations in a logical, positive manner. Life lovers tend to have a more positive approach to doing things and thus achieve more and come closer to their destination.

On the other hand, non-life lovers approach life from a negative point of view and are just knocked down by life over and over again, just like life-lovers but choose to stay down and get back up in a much longer time. The approach is what is wrong, and if changed could lead to rising up bigger and better just like life-lovers. Maybe you have heard the part of the music lyrics that says, “What does not kill you makes you stronger.”

The fact we cannot change about life is that it is full of good and bad moments and thus what is in our control is our approach; either taking these bad moments personally and feeling distressed and not doing anything about it, or being proactive and confronting life and thus winning.

Below are 10 differences between those who love life and those who do not:

1. Approachable Versus Non-approachable

If you had the choice between being approachable and easy to communicate with or being isolated and not friendly, which one would you choose? It would make sense and be logical that you choose the first option. People are always looking for ways to become more approachable because they would love to interact with other people.

Maybe I should not say people and say most people, because there is always going to be the non-life lovers. Those are people that look at life with negative eyes and just live life for the sake of it. They do not care whether or not they make friends, whether they are healthy or not, or whether they achieve something special and leave a legacy or not. So, why not approach life positively and ensure that you both enjoy life and get the most out of it. It is definitely not an easy task to always focus on the full half of the cup, but with practice you will have a better chance every time.

2. Work

Is work one of the top things on your priority list? Is it the first thing on the list or is it somewhere there? Well, for most people, work is usually one of the top 5 priorities if not one of the top 3. Work could be something you are doing to build yourself while young and responsibility-free to reach a place where you are able to build a family and provide a high standard of life.

Work could also be something you are doing because of your commitments and responsibilities that you need to take care of. Whatever it is, the fact is work is a very important aspect of life and has numerous shades. Now, life lovers ensure that they engage in a job they love and are willing to stick with for 40 hours a week for many years. They know their time is precious and short and thus will not do something they dislike and try to convince themselves that is satisfying. This does not mean that they will not take on temporary tasks they might dislike. Unlike life lovers, non-life lovers could indulge in a job just because it provides a good income, but not because they like to do it or because they can achieve something from earning that money.

3. Choose Their Friends

As social animals, we love to interact with other beings and have friends we can always call to hang out with or just simply get advice from on certain matters. However, it is of ultimate importance that we choose our friends wisely.

Life lovers choose friends that are of value to them and that bring the best out of them and not just waste their time or get them started with an addiction or bad habit. As we mentioned earlier, they know that their life is valuable and time is irreplaceable, and thus do not become friends with those that are not good for them in one way or another. Let us have a look at the non-life lovers now. Those individuals just care about having more friends without screening them to match their personal values and principles that are important to them. The other option or approach is that they do not love life and thus do not make any effort to introduce themselves to anyone or get to know anyone and grow their network.

4. Positivity Versus Negativity

I hope you are an individual that classifies themselves as a positive person as opposed to a negative or pessimistic person. The thing we do not realize is that sometimes there is a very fine line between being positive and negative. Positivity is a key to many aspects of life and the link to positive energy that creates a fantastic, stress-free environment of comfort and ease. This is what people that love life know and make sure they implement in every situation.

The good thing about positivity is that it helps in both happy situations as well as bad or hard conditions. Thus, do not be on the ‘non-lovers of life’ team and instead utilize positivity in your everyday life. Whenever experiencing a hard situation, just set it aside and think of something positive in your life that happened or if possible think of the bright side of this bad occurrence. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned from what happened or maybe it happened for a reason.

5. Hard Work Versus Indifference

Do you consider yourself a hard worker or do you just loaf around and get things down sometimes for a change? Well, hard work is important in life because life is full of large hills and you need to put in that effort to cross that hill. If you just loaf around and work casually, you will start climbing or hiking the hill but then start relaxing before reaching the top and thus will slide back down and have to start all over.

People that love life know that sometimes we go through things and have to power through using hard work to get to a better place. Others are sometimes caught up in the misconception that putting in some work or just standing there could get them somewhere. This being said, this does not mean that life is full of hard work and nothing else; life is also full of the good moments, where you can relax and not need to sweat over anything.

6. Use Of Time

Have you heard the various sayings about time indicating that time is very valuable and irreplaceable? Jim Rohn says it well, “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” Ever stopped and thought about this, even superficially? It is true, we work all the time and pull all-nighters in an effort to advance, move forward, and earn more money sometimes.

However, there is no amount of work and/or effort you can exert to regain any time that passed or get more time in the future. That is why time is very crucial and life lovers know this fact and take advantage of every second they bump into. They might even sacrifice other interesting things to achieve something more important because another thing we need to realize is that we cannot do everything we desire at one time, thus we need to choose more important activities and events over the less important ones. Moreover, those who do not love life do not know that time is irreplaceable, yet are not fully aware of it and do not feel that way.

7. Smiling

Do you honestly consider yourself a ‘smiler’? Do you continue to smile every day or maybe once every two days and remind others to smile? Smiling as we know is a strong tool to bring down the intensity of our days and help us cool down and relax. Moreover, smiling is not only the act of stretching your face and showing your teeth. It is the tool that brings about happiness and helps maintain positivity which is important in our daily lives to get to our various desired destinations. As opposed to individuals that do not love life, people that enjoy and love life tend to smile more often and just enjoy every moment, even if some of the moments are tough, because they know that behind this hardship is comfort.

8. Creating Connections

Do you usually focus on expanding your list or are just satisfied with the people you have and the short list you go back to? Connections are essential to one’s being because this means that there are this many more people and individuals you could lie on and talk to when you have an issue or are feeling down. Of course this depends on how many ‘real’ friends on that list and how many people you trust with personal issues.

Moving on, individuals that live life will have building connections somewhere on the top part of the list, because they know they will need the support and friendliness of others throughout the course of life. On the other side, pessimists are quite the opposite and do not worry and do not mind being lonely.

9. Drawing Memories

Are you the kind of person that tries their best to take a lot of photos and videos for example as memories? Memories are an aspect of life that brings joy and happiness, especially when remembering or seeing old photos that you completely forgot about. Maybe you remember a certain childhood event or activity you took part in with the family or some friends.

Now, people that do not love life will not be bothered to build these precious memories that last forever because they are focused on something else or are just pessimistic. However, those who appreciate life know that each memory is something different and thus may take too many photos people might think they are weird, but they are just full of life.

10. Moving Forward

Who would not like to become better in something they do; something they love and wish they could continue to improve in? As humans, sometimes we are not satisfied with where we are at and want to move forward and advance as soon as we can. Now regarding this idea of moving forward, there are two approaches. One approach is taken by those that love life; they utilize every moment and opportunity because they know life is short and thus want to take advantage of every moment.

On the other hand, there is the other approach of those that do not really care and hate or just do not love life. Those individuals tend to not care about whether they advance or progress in life or not and tend to just go with the flow and not work to achieve anything. This way of thinking could be temporary and just experienced during a certain stage of life yet could also be a lifestyle.

So, we have established the fact that there are differences between those who love life and those who do not love life, which extend to various obvious differences, some of which are listed above. Moreover, there are many more noticeable differences, but all we need to know is that we are in this life for a reason and so we need to make use and do our best to get something out of it.

Are you loving life? Tell us how you’re making the most of your life in the comments below.



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