This Man Made Friends With A Crocodile! You Won’t Believe What You See.

I have always found it very inspiring when people form a special bond with animals. I have seen it happen with all kinds of species. Man has become friends with dogs, snakes, cats, big cats, elephants – even bears! I have heard of some unusual cross-species friendships, but I think this one takes the cake!

The man you are about to meet is friends with a crocodile. A CROCODILE. He found the crocodile when he was injured and nursed him back to health. And in that process, they formed a bond.

I think the most interesting part of this relationship is the fact that the crocodile in no way acts as a pet. He doesn’t allow the man to control him like man would with dog. They are just simply friends that enjoy each other’s company. They have been good friends now for 3 years. You will not believe what you see! This is truly a unique and inspiring friendship. Remember…anything is possible when you show a little kindness!

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