Everyone experiences life differently and has a different purpose. Therefore these 5 reasons to march to your own drumbeat can shed light on why we actually walk alone in life.

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There is no reason to be fearful of your journey and to dwell on what you might have missed. Instead be open to learn and experience the life you can achieve.

“Remind yourself that you will incur the misunderstanding and perhaps even wrath of those around you for having the temerity to march to your own drumbeat.

Don’t take it personally even for one moment.

It is merely a strategy to get you to conform, and when you fail to react, the wrath will quickly disappear. At the same time, allow those in your immediate sphere to have the joy of blissfully marching to their own beat.”

-Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

1. Your Path Is Your Own

Your journey is yours to take and no one else can take it for you. We all move at our own pace in life in the direction that is right for us. Remember then that your path is your own and how you choose to walk it depends on your own attitude. Try and enjoy the experience for all it is worth and let your walk be a positive one.

2. We Are All Unique Individuals

Just as much as your path is unique so are you as an individual. Embrace your uniqueness. Embrace your individuality. Let that be enough to encourage you to seek your own dreams separate from what you feel others might want you to be. Yet understand that we all experience similar events such as setbacks. Knowing that everyone experiences some sort of setback can encourage you to get up and keep on moving when you feel your best whenever you can.

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3. Never Compare Yourself To Others

Why compare yourself to others? Remember that you are unique and therefore your experiences may differ from those of the next person. Be content with what you have and who you are. Be thankful to even have an opportunity to march on forward. Do not let little things like what others are doing get you feeling incapable and less motivated. They may have more in some ways but when you really think deeply about it, you too have something to be grateful for.

4. We All Learn In Our Own Ways

Remember to take what you learn and use it to get you through any hard times. How you interpret things can be a great influence in what you decide to do next. While talking with others to get a bigger picture on life and experiences is important, the way you learn from your own mistakes is ultimately up to you. Just remember to use your given reasoning abilities when the times call for it. Remember that every day is a learning experience and each of us has a different lesson.

5. Achievement Comes At Your Own Rate

Just because the next person always boasts of some sort of success does not mean that you too will experience success in the same way. We all work at different goals, at different paces and for different purposes. Embrace achievement as it comes and be proud to have accomplished. Yet remember that achievement does not always have to be measured in great financial strides, or material accomplishments. Success is measured according to how you, as an individual sees it.

Knowing that we all have a different path to take, be determined to find yours and enjoy what your life has to offer. Do not let others tell you how to do so. Instead be encouraged to discover life being inspired by others yet prepared for your own adventurous excitement.

Do you march to the beat of your own drum? We’d love to hear about it! Tell us how in the comments below.

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