She Misses Her Dad So Much – But Watch What He Does For Her!

When we are growing up, mom and dad are our entire world. They are there for every moment. They feed us, cloth us, and give us shelter.

They witness our first steps, our first day of school, and every momentous occasion from that day forward. We see them every day, and they mean everything to us.

dad cooking for daughter

When we leave the house, something changes.

We don’t see mom and dad as often. In fact, we hardly see them at all. We get caught up in the fast pace of life. School, job, husband, children. Time disappears. Memories become distant.

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Sometimes we stop and think about our mother and father. We think about all of the time that we used to spend with them, and we miss it.

A parent’s support means so much. But there’s one important thing that we don’t always register: they are always there.

misses dad

Mom and Dad are always there…

We might not be able to see them. But they are thinking about us. They are our support – our encouragement. And they haven’t forgotten about us.

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