9 Reasons Why Money Does Not Equal Success

Does money really equate to success? Does money really make people happy? These are two important questions we need to ask ourselves. So, as much as we may be unwilling to confess, our 8-to-5 morning job could be making us happier than we think. However, is it because of the money or the success? Generally speaking, individuals who earn more money tend to be more successful, but that is not always the case. It is the success that should make you happy and not the piece of paper you earn at the end of the month or two weeks.


A second reason why we should focus on success more than the money is because the success highway is filled with a lot of difficulties and challenges and that is what brings us the joy and happiness. It feels really amazing when you know there was this challenge of moving houses or meeting a tight deadline and you were able to pull it through. Besides, doing something you are interested in and sticking to it until you finish it while exerting all the mental and physical strength you have, allows time to pass by without realizing it and brings you this feeling of reward and incentive to do more.


Now after driving down the success road for weeks, months, or maybe years depending on the goals and accomplishments you are after, money is just an additional benefit – the payoff. If you look at a group of people, you will usually find the most productive and satisfied individuals with their jobs are also the most successful. Others with highly satisfying jobs may not worry as much about their pay as much as others with non-satisfying jobs.


Below are some of the reasons why money does not equal success:


1. Money Does Not Buy Happiness

Would you rather be happy or just have a lot of money? You might think everyone will answer with happiness. However, you might be surprised to know that people just want to be rich and have money to do what they want. This is because people believe, even though they might not admit it, that they will get the money and that will bring about happiness. It might sound logical that with money you would be able to do many things you only dreamed of and thus make you happier. However, happiness needs to come from one place and only one place, which is from within. You need to adjust and adapt until you feel that internally you are satisfied with what you have achieved and your place in society.


2. Money Cannot Buy Family

Have you ever known someone that tried his best and always wished for a newborn baby and waited a long while before it finally happened? The joy that comes from welcoming your own son or daughter to the world is indescribable. Sometimes, we have to comprehend the fact that things are just not meant to be at a certain time for some wise reason. Anyway, being at the highest point in the world with your new baby and feeling like it can never get better is something money cannot buy you. No matter how wealthy you are, you need your family next to you at all times. This is because no one will love you more or share with you experiences the same way family would. So keep your family close to you and prioritize it over money accordingly.


3. Health Is Your Most Valuable Asset

Could you buy your health or maybe order one package of a 5 pounds loss of weight because you are rich? Everyone wants to be energetic, stay healthy, and be able to do whatever activity they want to do. At first, you might think like “I do not want to work; work is very hard”. Half of this statement is right; that work is very hard. If work was not hard and everything came easy to us, we would not feel this special feeling of accomplishment. However, given that work is hard, you still do not want to sit doing nothing at home, because what this brings about is just laziness and lack of value and contribution to the community.


Health is a very vital thing that needs to be maintained in order to live life to the fullest. Now, money does not buy us health in any way, shape or form. The only way to achieve a healthy lifestyle is to work for it and put in the blood, sweat, and tears. Besides, unhealthy individuals face difficulties doing certain activities and you do not want to be that person. This is something we need to put at the top of our priority list because it can affect our mood, the way we deal with people, and could potentially affect our success. We need to find some kind of way to maintain exercising and insert it somewhere in our schedules.


Instead of working from 8am-4pm, try checking if you can work from 7am-3pm and take the hour from 3pm-4pm to walk or maybe run around the house a few times. This could be the start, and then once you maintain this you can move on to two or three hours of exercise. All of us know that staying healthy is a big part of being successful.


4. Embrace The Opportunity

We all work hard in life to be able to move from one opportunity up the list to another opportunity and so on over time. A simple example would be working a company as a finance advisor. What attracted you to this certain company other than the opportunity it provides? Perhaps it provides a good chance to grow as a person, increase your experience and skills, or maybe it provides an amazing offer in terms of salary and benefits. These are a few of the factors by which we decide whether we accept a certain job offer or not.


Now, what if I told you that you could relocate to another country for the same type of work and this other company would provide you better benefits. I am talking a higher salary, accommodation, travel benefits, but maybe does not provide one of the benefits provided by your previous employer. Would you accept the offer? Well, it would be a good idea to weigh the two jobs against each other and compare the overall benefits and value of each. After that, you will make your decision and go with the better opportunity right? That is what we do as humans instinctively.


Another point to note is that getting the right opportunity does not necessarily depend on whether you are rich or poor. Opportunity arrives and is awarded to you based on your qualifications and skills, abilities, and potential.


5. Attitude Matters

Attitude plays an important role in a lot of aspects of life. For instance, having a positive attitude in school as opposed to a negative attitude could lead you to learn more and be able to understand a topic more easily and thus apply it in the future. Now, there are also different attitudes when it comes to dealing and communicating with other people. There are “rich-poor” people and “poor-rich” people, so what is the difference between the two. Rich-poor people are those that might have never possessed so much money as rich people, but are nevertheless richer and happier than anyone else when it comes to their attitude and values. These are people that are poor but hold closely to important values such as politeness, respect, honesty, commitment, and advocacy.


On the other hand, poor-rich people are those that possess a lot of money but are poor on the inside. In addition, an example of the poor-rich people is a person that has so much money and thinks he is invincible. As a result, he would be so arrogant and overconfident and think he is superior over others and thus treat people in a demeaning, degrading manner. You might have noticed that the way I wrote the above terms “rich-poor” and “poor-rich” is that I described the attitude first before the money. This is because your values, principles, etiquette, and inner soul are much more important than the materialistic money. Furthermore, an incredible sensation occurs when people compliment you for your humbleness or friendliness, something money cannot buy.


6. Money Could Lead To The Worst

We have seen people that went from having little money to having to get a bigger piggy bank. Some of these people include celebrities, with which money could really make things worse. Having a lot of money opens up many more channels and options for you to do more of what you dreamed of and longed for. Maybe you have longing to open a charity, buy a house, or get a car. This is the good side of using the money. However, there is also a second side to everything, especially money.


Having such a large piggy bank at a young age specifically or at any age generally could cause some serious trouble. Possessing a lot of money could lead you into addiction, especially if all the elements are present. These elements include money, peer pressure, and lack of clear path in life. This is why we need to make sure that we control the money and that the money does not get the best of us if we want to succeed in life.


7. Passion Is Not A Commodity

Let me start by mentioning that a commodity is a term used to define a good or service that can be purchased and sold. Have you ever or will you ever see a shop set up for selling different passions such as a passion for sports, education, engineering, or helping others? It is not possible, because all these different passions need to originate from within. Think of passion as the fuel that pushes you to wake up early in the morning each day, even though you might have slept for only a few hours, and converts your tiredness and fatigue into renewable energy.


Passion is your love for something specific and is what keeps you from giving in on a task, goal, or activity. For example, if you have a passion for soccer, you will always be looking forward for the next game that will be played and the sport will occupy your thoughts and you might even dream of it while asleep.


Moreover, you might have several different passions that you enjoy doing. One thing you could do is organize your passions from most passionate to least passionate and divide your time between these passions accordingly. A lot of times these passions develop as small starts and then evolve to become a career and result in success.


8. Goals Not Money

One important question we need to ask ourselves is: “Is it money or goals that help us achieve success?” Without goals we have no purpose in life and thus we will not advance in life. We need to make sure to set goals even if we have enough money to live off for the rest of our lives because believe it or not if a very rich person does not have a lot of friends or family around for example, his money will not really do him any good as he will be sitting the whole time at home doing nothing.


One goal this individual could set is to interact with the community and build strong relationships and friendships by which he can achieve a version of success. Thus, it is not really the money that brings us success, it is the goals that are associated with success, which could money could accompany.


9. Success Is Self-Defined

Success is not something that is defined in a certain way and something that could be drawn. Success is pretty much something that you, and only you, define for yourself. Success is something money cannot buy and something that varies from one individual to another.  For example, some people define success as taking good care of their families and spending enough time with them, something money can never buy.


A common misconception we have in life is that money is equal to success, especially in today’s materialistic world. Money does not always equal success but unfortunately we tend to measure our self-worth when we look at our income sheet. If we look at an individual with a sports car, we say he is more successful than us; however true success is defined by the person themselves as they go through life, exert the effort and remain happy and healthy in every step.


Make sure you put your money in good use by perhaps helping others who are less blessed and suffering or in other ways that help contribute to society effectively.


Are you contributing to society in positive ways? Tell us how below.



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