25 Very Simple Things You Need To Start Doing In The Morning, Starting Tomorrow

The mornings (or whenever we wake up for 3rd shift workers) and how we use that time, can set the tone and mood for the rest of the day. Just by adding a few simple tasks in the morning, we can improve our mood, reduce stress, and increase our productivity for the rest of the day. Try this whole list or just pick a few of these morning habits and you may be surprised how much better you feel.
Warning: If you have to push 3 kids to school early in the morning, fix breakfast for the entire family, have them fully dressed in winter, and have them all ready by, say, 7:30am…these suggestions “might not apply” (besides you calling me names!) Oh, and good luck 🙂

1. Think Positive

Starting out the day with a positive affirmation or quote sets the tone for the rest of the day. You can start the day off bright and optimistic, looking forward to the rest of the day. Positive affirmations boost confidence, improving your mood.

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2. Wake Up At The Same Time Every Day

Having a set time to wake up makes it easier to get out of bed. If I sleep later on the weekend or my off days, those days feel so sluggish that it is hard to accomplish anything.

3. Don’t Hit The Snooze Button

It is so tempting to stay in bed longer. However, hitting the snooze button can cause you to feel more tired when you do wake up and even cause you to oversleep, throwing off your entire morning routine.

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4. Eat A Healthy Breakfast

They saying is breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a good, healthy breakfast makes your mind work better. You are able to concentrate and focus. Plus your metabolism stays stable until lunch time.

5. Take a 5-10 Minute Breather

Choose to either meditate or just take 5-10 minutes to breathe and clear you head. This helps to relieve stress and also to prepare for the day ahead. This also helps you to be present in your current time and not dwell on upsetting moments.

[bctt tweet=”Meditate each morning for just 5-10 minutes to relieve stress and prepare yourself for the day ahead.” via=”no”]

6. Create A Weekly To-Do List And Review It Every Morning

If you are working to obtain a specific goal or have a project you are currently working on, having a weekly breakdown of tasks helps to keep you focused on that goal and to keep you from falling behind in attaining it.

7. Exercise

If you are like me, you have to exercise in the morning or else you will not exercise at all. Exercising wakes you up, gets your blood pumping, fills you with endorphins, and puts you in a good mood right out of the gate. Take 30 minutes to do this and you will fill great about the rest of your morning.

[bctt tweet=”Exercise wakes you up, gets your blood pumping, and puts you in a good mood.”]

8. Stretch

Other than exercising, taking five minutes to stretch can also be beneficial. It keeps you flexible and further enhances your exercise routine.

9. Drink 12 Fl. Oz Of Water

For some of us, it is a challenge to get our daily water allowance. But starting the day off with a glass of water, wakes the body up, keeps you from being dehydrated, and flushes the body.

[bctt tweet=”Start your day off with a glass of water to wake up, prevent dehydration, and flush toxins.” via=”no”]

10. Follow A Morning Routine

If you have a set morning routine, your mornings go that much quicker. You know how long it takes you to do an activity and in doing it the same way every day, you can become that much faster at it. Following a routine is a great way to manage time.

11. Plan Your Day

Knowing what you need to accomplish each day is another great way to manage time. Learning small ways to manage your time, either by planning ahead or know how to estimate how long tasks take to accomplish, is a great way to reduce stress and learn how to prioritize.

[bctt tweet=”Knowing what you need to accomplish each day is another great way morning habit.”]

12. Map Your Route

Knowing how you need to get to where you are going will save you time, especially if you know ahead of time where there is bound to be construction or if there is an accident on one of the highways.

13. Create A Backup Route

Have a backup route just in case in mid-drive an accident occurs or traffic is heavier than originally stated on the radio/television.

[bctt tweet=”Always have a backup plan, just in case!”]

14. Listen To An Upbeat Song

Just as saying a positive affirmation or reading a positive quote can place you in a better mood or a more relaxed mindset, listening to an upbeat song can do the same. These small tasks can bring out the best in you and further help to get you ready to face the day. I suggest creating a positive playlist for either your work out or your drive to work.

15. Make Up Your Bed

Taking the time to make your bed is all about bringing focus and order to you mind. It is another task that can help you prepare for the rest of the day to come. Plus it keeps your room looking nice.

[bctt tweet=”Taking the time to make your bed is all about bringing focus and order to you mind.” via=”no”]

16. Brush your teeth and floss

This is something that most people do not do although it is a healthy habit to acquire. Again, if you do it in the morning, you are less likely to put it off and not do it later.

17. Drink One Serving Of Vegetable And Fruit

Not all of us get enough of what we need. Taking time to drink one serving of fruits and vegetables puts us on the right path for the day. If you have a juicer that is even better, because you can be sure you are getting a lot of nutrients in that one glass.

18. Start Anew

Remember that this is a brand new day. Be present in the moment and let the stresses of yesterday go. If there are tasks that carry over into the new day, face them calmly and work through them.

[bctt tweet=”Remember that this is a brand new day. Be present in the moment and let the stresses of yesterday go.” via=”no”]

19. Be Thankful

Being grateful for each day we face is another way to boost our moods.

20. Take Time To Write

Taking time to write in your journal is also a good stress reducer. Write about your dreams, aspirations, goals, or what was best about the day before. People who journal can communicate better and handle more stressful situations than those who do not.

[bctt tweet=”People who journal communicate better and handle stressful situations better than those who don’t.” via=”no”]

21. Take A Multi-Vitamin (or not, if you had a proper breakfast)

Taking a multi-vitamin in the morning makes sure that you will not forget later. Plus a lot of us are out of sorts because we are not getting all the nutrients that we need. Be sure to consult with a doctor prior to adding a multi-vitamin to your regimen. I personally don’t do it, but most of the people I know do it, so here I go with the recommendation!

22. Set Aside What You Need

Take time to gather what you will need to take with you for the day. Gathering them and setting them aside for when it is time to leave, will keep you from being late because you cannot find your keys. This also keeps you from realizing that you left your wallet at home.

23. Leave Early

You always want to allow for extra time in commuting. Whether you are driving in rush hour to work or heading towards an appointment. Arriving early can prevent stress of rushing. It can allow extra minutes to review emails or fill out paperwork, or to just get a cup of coffee.

24. Read An Inspirational Story

My favorite! As with saying a positive affirmation, reading a positive quote, or listening to an upbeat song, reading an inspirational story can be motivating and up lifting. Find ones that align with your goals or sign up for a daily blog notification. There are plenty of them, just look around.

25. Smile

Just by putting on a smile, you can improve your own mood. Smile until you mean it. Have you tried it lately? It works 🙂

[bctt tweet=”Just by putting on a smile, you can improve your own mood. Smile until you mean it.”]

These simple morning habits can do a lot to motivate you, reduce your stress, and inspire you to accomplish more with your available time. Overall your mood should improve and your outlook will reflect that.

Do you have any great tips or tricks that help you get off to a great start in the morning? Please share them in the comments below. We’d love to hear ’em!

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