mothers day

So many people can relate to this story, including myself.

My mom worked her butt off her whole life to take very good care of me. She sacrificed her own comfort and happiness countless times so that I could be comfortable and happy. One of my main regrets in life is that I didn’t take better care of her before she died.

mother's day quotes

Mike says, “For years, one of the goals of mine was always to provide my mother with something she worked so hard for and lost. Las Vegas was one of the hardest hit city in the economic downturn, and my mother ended up losing her home.”

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Check out how Mike thanked his mom with an incredible Mother’s Day Gift in the video below. Mike wrote that he made the video, “…in honor of all the mothers out there that work their hearts out. Your children see that and will reward you dearly for everything you have done.”

Such a great reminder of how important it is to keep your goals in mind every day, and how powerful positive thought can be.

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