This Mother’s Graduation Day Had A Little Surprise. Wait Until You See!

Imagine you’re sitting at your graduation ceremony. It’s such an important day – one that you have been anticipating for so long. You have already had a lot of significant achievements in your life. Your pride and joy: you are the mother of a wonderful girl. She grew up and went off to fight for our country. And while you wish she was here to celebrate with you, you are so excited to be graduating.

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You’re sitting in the back row, a sea of graduation caps in front of you. You keep imagining your walk across the stage after they call your name. Please don’t trip. Please don’t trip. I can do it – I can walk across that stage in these heels!

[bctt tweet=”Please don’t trip. Please don’t trip. I can do it…”]

The man on stage is speaking into the microphone, talking about the importance of this moment. You’re still focused on your walk across the stage when he says something that catches your attention. Something familiar. Your daughter’s name?

This graduation ceremony has a HUGE surprise for one lucky mother! Watch the video to see what happens, and please SHARE this with someone in your life who has a family member fighting for our country.

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