How To Live Your Life So You Have No Regrets

Did you do anything in the past that you feel bad about and perhaps regret? We all did things in the past that we do not necessarily like or feel proud of. However, let me ask you this: would you have learned from mistakes and improved if you had not done mistakes in the past? It would be impossible to learn from mistakes if we do not really make mistakes, if the world was so perfect. Moreover, let us imagine that the world was perfect and there were no mistakes, would that not be boring? I mean, going through the same routine everyday over and over again with no change whatsoever.


Besides, even if we do have regrets, we can still live our life in a way so that we technically do not have regrets. Well, you might ask how? This could be done or could be initiated at least by making a vow upon ourselves that whatever mistakes we do or will do in the future, we will go back, study them, and learn from them. What this could do is make us promise ourselves that we will always move forward and better ourselves. Furthermore, if we do indeed improve and never go back to these miserable mistakes, our improvement could mask out the regrets we had earlier. It is as if we do not have regrets. Sounds easier said than done, but remember you have to always live the present and forget but learn from the past.


The following are some ways we could live life so that we have no regrets:


1. Manage Your Time

Time management is such an important aspect of life that could make difference between success and failure. Did you ever think of this? Time management is the ability to manage time as the name suggests, but even more than that, it has a lot of sub-elements beneath it and a lot of ways to manage time.


Time management is one of the simple changes we can all commit to in our daily lives to possibly double or increase our results and outcomes. One simple thing we can do each day before going to bed is prepare for our next day. People who really want to be on top of the game could prepare for the coming few days or maybe week. Let us discuss the one day schedule preparation; before going to bed you can put the books you need for the next day in your back pack if you are a high-school or college student. One more thing you could do is plan out the various activities you have the next day and the timings that suit those activities.


2. New Start

Do you ever get caught up in the past, thinking about bad memories, situations, and/or problems? This happens to all of us occasionally, especially when we do something in the present that has some relation to our past. It can be really frustrating and saddening but we need to make sure and fight ourselves to get rid of such distresses. Therefore, we need to just forget about the past and “move on.” There is a known saying that mentions that: “live goes on”. Achieving this will erase bad memories and bring about positive things.


3. Never Give Up

Are you the kind of person when faced by difficulty in your daily life, you never give up and keep going no matter how hard a task might be? If yes, then good for you and keep it up. If you are not that type of person then try to make this small change in your day to day routine. This strategy could definitely help boost up your energy levels and help double your results.


Just imagine two scenarios. The first is where a person is pessimistic and whenever faced with difficulty backs down from the challenge. This will tend to make that person not finish the tasks assigned for that day and might postpone or have to do some Monday tasks on a Tuesday. On the other hand, if the same person were to confront his fears and difficulties and challenge them, they would be able to push through the day and get everything done.


4. Screen Your Friends

Humans are known to be social animals that just cannot live without company and friendship. Friends should help you, do favors for you, lift you up when you are feeling down, etc. True friends do everything in their ability when another friend needs them. In addition, they should really bring the best out of you.


Any friend that brings the worst out of you or you feel brings you down instead of lifting you up is not a true friend. It is really hard in this life to find a really true friend that has all these characteristics. You might say, well then it does not really matter who you befriend as long as you spend time with people. No, you still need to try your best to choose your friends carefully and after you make sure they are the right ones for you. Choose a type that matches your type because friends affect each other, whether positively or negatively.


5. Avoid Bad Habits

Are you the kind of person that is constantly faced with bad habits or temptations of them? Can you usually resist these temptations or do you fall for them? These are important questions that we need answers to because they could determine out future and maybe even our lives as a whole.


Now, we have all seen it, I am sure we all have companions or have seen other families or maybe just heard of news about such people that fall into the dark whole of addiction. Whether it is drugs, smoking, or other bad habits, they are called bad habits for a reason. These habits do not only put whoever does them in jeopardy, but also the people around them that love them and care for them and sometimes even strangers.


A common addiction that causes a lot of problems and trouble is binge drinking. Binge drinking is drinking too much alcohol to the point where someone gets intoxicated. This is sometimes more of a social activity but can be really serious. How many accidents have you heard of where someone was drinking while driving, crossed a red light, and caused harm to others that were purely innocent? Sometimes it does not have anything to do with cars; it is just that someone was intoxicated and inflicted injury onto some other individual for no reason other than the fact that the aggressor was drunk!


This is only one example of addiction but addiction can take many forms and shapers. If you want to live a better life and not have any regrets, you need to make sure you stay out of this self-destructing hole known as addiction.


6. Make Good Decisions

Making good decisions plays a very important role in various things. This could sometimes impact the way people respond or deal with us, whether or not we get in trouble, and may sometimes affect our future as a whole. Take the simple example of cheating on a test. It could sound like a normal thing to do but it is not really.


Firstly, cheating on tests does not benefit you in anyway because you are not learning any information and are just depending on copying someone else’s answers. Secondly, getting into the habit of cheating is really bad. This is because you increase your chances of getting caught and in turn this could have a negative effect where if recorded in your file might affect your future.


See how a small thing can have a multiplier effect? More generally, making good decision is always beneficial because then you fall in less trouble and thus have less or no regrets.


7. Follow Values

A person’s values is his set of beliefs about good and bad, right and wrong, as well as many other aspects. Some values are common between everyone such as love and compassion, yet other values are personal ones. It is thus important to have values and opinions regarding different concepts that you hold dear to yourself because this will define you as an individual. People create values regarding concepts like freedom, education, relations, and friendships.  Since you are the one that set these values, agree, and believe them, sticking to your values and beliefs you set is vital because then you will be satisfied with your actions and will have no regrets.


8. Develop Principles

Principles are also really important because they are laws and rules, universal in nature, that are about human behavior and rule societal interaction between people. These are rules that are expected to be obeyed even though they are not written. Individuals that do not follow those well-known laws are considered to be wrong-doers by others. In addition, there are more specific, personal principles that people set to match their life and the way they want to live it.


These principles can be used as a referral where if they have a conflict or are unsure, may come back to them. A good analogy regarding principles is the following; that principles act like a compass that guides us through life and so you can always take this compass out of your pocket to make use of it. Honesty, truthfulness, politeness, and equality are examples of the many principles we should implement to avoid regret in life.


9. Stay Positive

Having a positive approach in life is something that is important to one’s being. A person that drives life with a positive approach is always full of life and has a smile embedded on his face. This translates to people liking that person and people feeling like this person is a treat to live with. Optimists always handle situations more effectively and do not create a big deal out of things.


Moreover, this also applies to living life and not worrying about the past. Having a positive attitude always yields good results and so this is a principle and way by which we should live life every day. Positivity can never attract negativity and so whatever your past is like, you will always find ways to correct your mistakes and move forward. This can only result in one thing, and that is having no regrets.


10. Have A Strong Conscience

What is a conscience and what does it do or help with? Conscience is this sound in your head that tells something is right and something else is wrong. A person’s conscience is built as they grow up. Ever wondered why babies would do things that for you as an adult do not seem proper or right? Well, that is because they do not have this voice in their mind telling them what they are doing is wrong. This voice is something they get as their mothers and fathers raise them up and inform them that this is wrong and praise them when they do something correctly.


Another side of conscience is the reflex part. Imagine you are cooking something really hot; would you touch that hot surface or refrain from doing that? As adults we know that this is something that is not right to do. However, for babies they are still learning and so they might touch something that would inflict pain but then realize they get hurt and so eventually may stop doing this.


11. Remain Honest

Honesty is one of the principles we mentioned earlier in this article and an important one too. Honesty reflects on our actions and is a universal law. It does not seem this way because nowadays a lot of people have went off track and started being dishonest to perhaps get away from certain trouble or problems.


However, being dishonest and especially all the time could certainly result in you getting in trouble as the dishonesty back bites you. Honesty is just the best way to deal and confront problems to get them resolved. Thus, being a straightforward and honest person allows you to avoid regrets.


Having no regrets makes it much easier to go through life. The aforementioned ways  to deal with the regrets can help us forget about the bad things and move on, look ahead. Try to apply these pieces of advice, and you will feel empowered!


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