3 Bulletproof Tricks To Deal With A Non-Encouraging Environment

Working, living, or socializing with people who are not so encouraging when it comes to most things can be difficult for sure! Not only does the lack of positive vibes influence you and the way you think and feel, it also leaves the area with negative energy that can reflect on anyone around. People tend to experience the world around them the way others live in and portray it. So why not encourage others to enjoy the positive side of things?

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Here are 3 bullet proof tricks to deal with a non-encouraging environment. Dealing with others who tend to portray negative thoughts, actions, and feelings can greatly tarnish your happiness. Luckily, there are ways to deflect negativity and they are listed below.

1. Take Charge When It Comes To Encouragement

Instead of always looking for encouragement from others, remember to try and do so yourself. Make encouraging negative people to be a bit more positive, a habit forming practice. When someone says something or does something that discourages an optimistic and positive environment, remind them that there is a beautiful side to things. Life is what you make of it for the most part so why not enjoy it a little.

You don’t have to prepare a speech everything this happens, just think of something positive to say and eventually after using this tactic for a while, it will become a habit. It further shows others that negativity especially where it doesn’t need to be, is pretty much a useless feeling. Encourage all to look on the bright side!

2. Bring In A Positive Attitude

Positive people are like a light in the dark. Positive vibes create a chain reaction and eventually everyone around feels it. Don’t give into darkness and let your light dim. Rather, let yourself shine and let others enjoy the experience. Even if they do not necessarily admit it, your positive attitude definitely brings about some happiness and makes others reflect on themselves.

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3. Remember To Smile

Smiling is a great way to start, and end your day. Studies show that people who smile more often tend to lead a longer life. People who experience a smile from someone tend to feel more at ease and more comforted. Remembering to smile in non-encouraging environments can also encourage others to do the same. Ignore the rude or unreceptive responses and just relax knowing that showing off your pearly whites is an effective way to practice the good side of human nature.

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These 3 ways to instill encourage where it is needed most are simple. Making them into habits can lead to a new level of change. Learn from these changes in habit and experience what life has to offer in a broader context. Small changes in your environment can create big changes in the world around you. Change your environment by changing your own outlook and the way you yourself work within it. Lead the way and let the cycle continue.

So remember to take charge, bring a positive attitude, and smile!

Have I missed anything? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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