Ever feel like just giving up on following your passion and goals in life? We all may have experienced getting to this point in our individual lives. This is especially the case sometimes when we feel tired and unsure of what the future has in store.

It is easy to give up, but does giving up bring you contentment and joy the same way that accomplishment would? Not only do you risk feeling regret, you also risk your overall mental health and a broken spirit. Failing to follow your passions can leave you with a feeling of hopelessness, failure and other emotions that cause instability and intense weariness. So consider your passions to be a major portion of life’s overall purpose and pursue them with justified longing. Live a life without regret and instead a hunger for realizing your dreams.

1. Don’ Be Afraid

Often when we do not pursue our passions, if we explore the underlying reason why, our lives may be laced with fear. Fear branches out into other feelings that create an overall negativity that keep us from going for our goals. Do not be afraid to explore the deeper root of the issue and replace that fear with hope and a can-do attitude. By believing that you can, you are already on that journey, following those passions that keep you feeling alive.

When we start surrounding ourselves with positivity, we begin to find a way closer to our hopes and dreams. Let your belief in your strength guide you and every time you feel afraid, remind yourself why you are so passionate about what it is you are searching for and how your inner strength can get you there. Do not allow fear to replace passion on a pedestal. Fear cannot overrule you unless you begin to forget your purpose and let it.

2. It Becomes Our Purpose

Speaking of forgetting your purpose… Our unique passions become a part of our purpose. What gets you going every day and the way you respond to this urgent need has meaning. So do not settle. While pursuing a passion can mean different things for different people, one thing holds true. Purpose, is always a question of where you fit in this life and whether you offer anything to this world.

Everyone has purpose – it is all about understanding deeper why you experience what you do and actually going out there and living in this world we live in while also understanding and observing others. Yet not everyone feels they have a passion, goals, hopes and dreams. Like purpose, finding a passion means taking the time to really understand life for what it is and eventually of course what it can be and what that means to you.

Being passionate about something can mean anything from pursuing a career to one day starting a family or gaining success in some other part of your life. Maybe you are passionate about changing the world one day. However big or however small you perceive your passions to be, smile a little knowing that they are yours and you should follow them no matter what. Do not let emotions, a lack of energy or know-how stand in your way. Do not let a lack of enthusiasm taint your passage.

3. We Don’t Need Jealousy

We can further be tainted by feelings of jealousy when we pay too much attention on our “neighbor’s” success at pursuing their passions and not enough on our own. Not everyone moves at the same pace and furthermore, not all of us want the same things. Remember to do you, be guided in knowing that your experiences will be unique and your own.

No need to feel jealous of others. Instead be inspired. Know that if they can do make it, why wouldn’t you also be able too? The last time I checked, jealousy has never gotten anyone anywhere so there is no point in dwelling on these thoughts. Let others experience life the way they want to experience it and you yourself, focus on your own. Work at your own speed. Take baby steps in getting there if you need too. Focus on what is ahead of you not the distractions on the side.

4. Embrace The Change

Also, note that sometimes the pursuit of a passion also means pursuing a different lifestyle which can be a difficult and daunting task. Sudden changes in life can not only be scary, they can feel like chaos. But changes do not have to be chaotic. Embrace change and enjoy the adventure. Whether you know it or not, we take risks every day and small changes in our lives come with that. We risk wasting hard earned money on products and technology that might not meet expectations.

We may face risks in taking a simple walk down the street and risk not waking up in the morning every night we fall asleep. Yet this does not stop us from doing. So seize the day and expect risks. Each day we faced them, we find we change into a more knowledgeable and stronger person. Each instance that time passes and we are still living is proof that we are strong enough to face changes in the pursuit of passions.

5. Realize Your Strength

Strength can be a driving force for each individual. Realizing your strength is a first step yet still remember most importantly not to step on others in your pursuit of your passions and need to self-actualize. Let’s face it. Human nature is competitive. Often in competition we forget about others, especially those who may not seem as strong as we perceive ourselves to be. It is then easy to ignore others or use them when we want to get somewhere.

6. Encourage Others As They Encourage You

Do not let yourself be that person who mistreats others on your pursuit to happiness. Instead, just as someone encourages you, you too encourage them. Just as someone takes steps to reach out for their passions and dreams, you too continue to do the same for yourself. The more positive we are about this endeavor the more we find ourselves learning from the experience. If we find ourselves being driven to pursue a new passion, we know how to get there. It may be easy to forget about others around you, but do not let that be the case. Instead be always aware of yourself and others. Self-consciousness is perhaps the real goal.

7. Let Nothing Stop You

So do not let life stop. By not following your passions, you may begin to question your purpose. Let nothing stop you and allow yourself to be happy the way you deserve to be. By following your passions, pure happiness is also waiting for you and you are sure to experiences surprises on your journey. Be prepared to let it in. Although the journey may be difficult and understanding your passion or simply finding something you are passionate about may take time, know that you are not alone in this experience.

Furthermore, the risks of not following your passions definitely out-weigh the benefits but not in a good way. So plan to follow and enjoy the worth-while pursuit. Sooner than later, you will be grateful you did.

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