Wondering why you are not living up to your full potential like you wish you could? Sometimes it goes beyond what others think and actually has a lot to do with how we view ourselves. Here are 21 worst reasons you are not living up to your full potential. Recognize the signs and get up and start heading in a direction that benefits you. You will surely find some of those signs and ‘first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one.’

1. You Are Living In Fear

Whether it is fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of reprisal or anything else, being afraid can keep us from fully reaching our potential. Take a moment to think, what are you actually afraid of?

2. Low Self Confidence

Or maybe you are experiencing low self-confidence which can keep us from achieving anything. Find pride in your abilities and if you need to work on something about yourself, do so.

3. Not Enough Push, Drive And Motivation

Sometimes not having any drive and the right kind of push to get us up and going can affect how we set about going for gold. Find something that motivates you and remind yourself of it daily.

4. A Lack Of Encouragement From People You Love The Most

Maybe you are experiencing a lack of encouragement from people you love the most and this may come across as if they do not care. Let others know that you could use some positivity. Keep in mind that often we are faced with seemingly solitude on our journeys throughout life so try and stay strong and encourage yourself when you have too.

5. Procrastination

Procrastination is never a friend. Kick it in the butt and get to work.

6. Undeserving Attitude

Who determines whether you deserve something more than you yourself? Build the confidence you need and know that you deserve much in life just like anyone else.

7. Inferiority Complex

Often comparing ourselves and what we want to see in our own lives to others can have us feeling all kinds of lows. Feeling inferior only comes about when we compare ourselves to others and make them appear- within our own heads- as more superior. Learn to appreciate who you are and what you can achieve. All the stuff people are doing is outside stuff. Let it go so you can progress.

8. You Do Not Know How To Start

Just start. Do not know where? Draw up a plan if you have too but along the way you will experience things that you learn from and eventually this will get you on the path you know you need to be.

9. You Have No Way To Measure Your Goals

Write them down and keep them somewhere safe like in a journal or a piece of paper you keep in your wallet to look at everything you need encouragement. Do not measure your goals against others, rather measure them against your achievements and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

10. You Do Not Understand Your Purpose

Maybe you do not understand your purpose. Well understand this; We all have a purpose whether we have yet to figure it out or have already found it. Keep on going, figuring out your purpose often comes with time and experience.

11. You Are Comfortable Where You Are

Sometimes being comfortable where you are can mean deciding not to continue any further whether you want to or not. Consider all pros and cons and think “will my decision to stay where I am today limit me in the future?”

12. Too Much Focus On The Past

Why bring up the past if it has cannot be a positive example for the present? Focus your attention on perhaps starting over again and breathe a sigh of relief that the past does not have to be a part of your journey unless you want it too.

13. Not Allowing Yourself To Laugh

Laugh sometimes. Smile. Life cannot be that bad. Humor brings us closer to action because the more positive and optimistically happy we feel the better chance we have at reaching success.

14. You Do Not Know How To Say No

Learn to say “no” sometimes. You cannot carry the world on your shoulders so when the stress is too great and you start neglecting yourself, learn to tell others “no” so you can take care.

15. You Do Not Know How To Say Yes To Yourself

Or maybe you do not know how to say “yes” to yourself. You say “yes” to everyone else and “no” to yourself. While some religions teach that this is the way life should be, why destruct yourself for the pleasure of others? You too were “created” to live in this world so allow yourself to do so.

16. You Have No Trust

Maybe you do not trust yourself to go far or you do not trust others to support you when you feel down. Learn to trust but also learn to be mindful and aware so you know who you can trust and those you may not be able too.

17. There is Pain Somewhere In Your Life Holding You Back

Pain can keep us from striving for the best. If you are feeling sorrow, try and understand where it is coming from and work on feeling good again.

18. You Are Taking Giant Leaps When You Could Take Baby Steps

Sometimes smaller steps are even greater than giant leaps because then we can focus more on detail. Even small steps are accomplishments. Not everything has to be big in order to really mean something.

19. You Feel Lost

Perhaps you feel lost all around like there is nothing you can do because you have no idea where you are to begin with. Have no fear in possibly starting fresh and new or take some time to sit and evaluate your life so you understand it and know how to deal with the coming changes.

20. You Have No Self Control

What does it mean to have self-control? Self-control simply means being able to regulate what happens in your life, being aware and understanding your experiences while also saying “no” to things that may not be the best for you. Learn to have self-control and reach your full potential.

21. Why Should You If No One Acknowledges It

Lastly but not least, maybe you believe that no one will acknowledge that you are living at your full potential. While it may appear that way, trust me when I say this, people do notice but unfortunately we do live in a world where people are highly competitive and sometimes love to “hate.” As long as you keep your head up and improve your life for the betterment of your overall self that is all that matters. You acknowledge it, you celebrate and take joy and that is all that matters in the end.

So whether we are living in fear, feeling inferior, lazy, or just plain comfortable already in where we are at, these 21 reasons why you are not living up to your full potential can be a significant headache. Learn to get around them and find out how you can accomplish more starting today and heading into a long and great future.

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