3 Characteristics Of Others That Discourage You From Being Happy

Ever been around someone that discouraged you from being happy because of their attitude or the way they deal with others? Maybe some of your friends or acquaintances are just too negative or do not encourage you when it comes to the decisions you have made and instead of making situations better; they actually blame it on you.

However, what we sometimes forget or fail to realize that the only “yes” we need to accomplish our dreams and continue our journey is our own. If you really believe in something and understand that it will make you happy and allow you to be yourself, then ignore what anyone else has to say and start following your dreams.

This does not mean that constructive criticism is useless, but if you feel there is no basis behind what someone is saying or if their words are of no relevance, then you are not forced to listen to them. Always follow and do what makes you as an individual happy.

Here are 3 characteristics of others that discourage you from being happy:

1. Negative Thoughts And Actions

This is probably one of the biggest problems and things that repel happiness. Negative thoughts just demotivate and discourage people from pursuing their dreams and possess a better future; something that provides happiness and positivity.

Negativity is something that puts away happiness and just crushes people’s dreams altogether. Reflect on such negative or not-so-positive situations you had or went through that could be altered and made to be better. Learning how to switch a negative situation and make it positive is a big thing and is something that could really make a difference between achieving and not achieving your goals and dreams.

2. Being Disrespectful

Respect is a worldwide and universal quality that is essential for proper communication and for building good relationships too. Take a moment and reassess your level of respect towards others, are you showing utmost respect towards others and not letting them down.

Respect induces positivity and provides positive energy that affects not only you but also others around you. Imagine a situation where things do not go your way; you order a sandwich with certain ingredients, but upon receiving it you realize that the server put tomatoes, which you do not like. What do you do, do you lash out or deal with the situation in a calm, easy-going way?

Some people are sometimes just looking for a reason and a situation to be disrespectful and throw out degrading words. Others understand and respect that people do mistakes and that they can ask for the tomatoes to be removed.

3. Not Having Patience

Are you a patient individual or do you have a hard time staying calm in disturbing situations. Having people around you that are impatient can impact your situation and behavior without you noticing it. That is why make sure that you stay calm and hang around with people that are patient and that bring about a positive attitude and environment, because such energy is contagious.

You are going to find different walks and shades of people in this life, out of which some are happy and others that are trying so hard but sometimes cannot seem to find happiness. Do not let yourself down and have people around you that are unhappy, and even if this happens, see past their unhappiness into their good qualities, because if we let anything and everything get to us, it will be hard to find true happiness.

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