When Was The Last Time You Did Something For Yourself? (11 Ways To Pamper Yourself)

Life can really take us places and sometimes get so busy we forget to actually live it. Have you ever asked yourself when was the last time you actually took a break from everything and actually did something for yourself? Well check out these 11 ways to pamper yourself below.

What possibly makes this list different from others? While pampering yourself is often taken as spending money and shopping, this list includes things you can do without breaking the bank. Have a look and let us know what you think!

1. Try A DIY Spa Treatment

Ever heard of a do it yourself (DIY) treatment? Maybe your skin craves a new and natural moisturizer or your face is looking for a scrub. Whatever you choose to do, save a bit of money and do it at home. A DIY treatment is also relaxing and great on the skin as there are no chemicals. What better way to pamper yourself! Not to mention the natural glow you will have after.

Not sure what exactly to mix? YouTube is full of people who have come up with great solutions to skin care and DIY treatments. Why not check them out and find something that interests you. And remember, the more natural the ingredients are the better it is for your skin or hair.

2. Buy Something You Really Need

Shopping does not have to leave you feeling guilty. Take time to find something just for you. Maybe you need a pair of shoes or a new sweater for the coming cooler months. Whatever it is, find something you like and feel no shame about purchasing it. Maybe you have neglected your needs so it is time to give into them as long as you do not go overboard.

Want to save money? Try a “vintage” look or browse through second hand stores- you never know what you may find! Not only that, you contribute to a sustainable way of life by “recycling” clothing and other material things and what better way to feel good.

3. Read A Great Book

Maybe there is a book that you have been meaning to read but you never really seem to have an opportunity to do so. Why not spend time catching up on a great book? For those of us who absolutely enjoy reading and seek to do it whenever we can, we might find this as an awesome way to pamper ourselves.

Supporting the local library or buying a new book to support up and coming authors really means a lot to us. But for those of us who do not read quite as often and do not find it fun outside of school, this may seem like a drab activity. But in all actuality finding the right type of book can be absolutely meaningful. And what can be better than gaining knowledge?

4. Travel

These days traveling far and even short distances is more accessible for almost anyone. Not to mention, it is a great feeling of accomplishment to apply for a passport. And with all the great sales and package deals out there, why not travel? Save money when you can and where you can and plan on traveling.

Always wanted to go for an island vacation or to some remote destination? Maybe even just down the road for a retreat or to visit friends. Wherever it is you want to go, make sure you travel. There is a whole world out there waiting for you to discover it!

5. Get A Haircut

I cannot count how many times I have heard people express that changing their hairstyle really changed the way the felt about themselves in big ways. Consider getting a haircut or new hair style for a confidence boost. Whether you dye it, trim it, layer it, or curl it, whatever you do, just enjoy it. Enjoy the change – embrace it.

6. Redecorate

Tired of your space always looking the same? Consider redecorating it- whether it be your office, your bedroom, bathroom or wherever. A redecoration project can be soothing and just what you need. Haven’t changed your living room around in years? Consider other ways to reorganize it and get rid of junk.

Your room is supposed to be your space to relax and feel safe. Make it feel more comfortable by making changes where needed. The whole planning stage and from start to finish can be just as exciting as well. If you have an image in mind about what you want your room to look like, the excitement of completing that goal can be immense pleasure. The final product can inspire you to make changes in other areas of your life as well.

So consider redecorating areas of your home or office to get a jumpstart on other areas that may need improvement in your life.

7. Enjoy A Movie

Have a movie you want to see on DVD or maybe you haven’t been to the theatre in a while and would like to enjoy a movie and snacks there? Maybe you want to enjoy a movie marathon on TV relaxing with not a care in the world. Sit back and relax, bring out the popcorn and enjoy a movie or movies.

There are after all, some really good ones out there! If you have Netflix or other movie and TV show streaming services, check out some of the foreign movies and other available titles you may have missed. You never know, you just might find yourself watching something you never would have thought you would.

From personal experience, watching foreign movies has allowed me to practice my language skills and pick up more words than I would have otherwise. Documentaries and independent films are also a great way to support up and coming artists.

8. Enjoy Some Leisure Time

Find yourself faced with some leisure time? Simply just enjoy it for what it is and put aside that work. Make no plans and just go with the flow. Feel the tension and stress release itself from your body as you enjoy simply just being.

9. Enjoy A Hobby

Have a hobby or want to find one? Pamper yourself by finding a hobby- something you can enjoy doing.

10. Enjoy A Treat

Is cake or ice cream sounding delicious to you right now? Allow yourself to enjoy a treat sometimes. As long as you eat sweets in moderation and do not go overboard, why not? A small bowl of ice cream or a trip to the local frozen yogurt place never hurt anyone.

But remember it is all about moderation so avoid eating more than you know you should. While our human desires to soothe our cravings may be a natural phase, for some people it may be hard to control. So if you feel you cannot control yourself maybe this is not for you. Otherwise treat yourself sometimes and spoil that sweet tooth.

11. Have Fun

When was the last time you just made plans to have fun? Whether you plan to have fun with friends, family or just simply alone, plan a fun activity and laugh and smile a little.

While these are some ways you can pamper yourself, consider other things you can do that make you happy. And remember, you do not have to spend a lot of money to do so. Live within your means – living in the moment and for today!

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