This Pizza Shop Has Given Away Over 10,000 Pieces Of Pizza Through Their Pay It Forward Program

I love a good deal. Don’t you?

Come on. Imagine that you’re walking down the street. You smell something. Oh my gosh…what is that? Your stomach groans. You keep walking and come to a shop window. Pizza! Then you see it. That magical sign in the window. “$1 slices of pizza!” You’re overjoyed. What is one dollar? That’s nothing!

You don’t know it yet, but there is something very special going on here.

As you are waiting in line you begin to notice something. With each customer, they add a post-it note to the wall. That’s odd. The line moves up, and you’re next. The man in front of you looks a little run down. His clothes are dirty and torn. His eyes look tired. And hungry. When he comes up, they take one of the post-it notes down and hand him a piece of pizza. He walks away with a smile on his face, and it hits you. What a beautiful system. They are inviting me to pay-it-forward!

Watch the video to see the pizza shop that gives pizza away and please SHARE this to encourage others to pay it forward!

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