Police Officers Reveal Why They Choose To Wear Their Badge

Choosing a career path is a big decision. Some jobs make more money than others, and some jobs are more dangerous. The men and women featured in this video have chosen a job that puts their lives at risk every day. They are the police officers of the Hampton Police Division, and they are heroes.

We are thankful for having cops around. We know that they are always there if we need something – just a phone call away. But it’s not very often that we get to hear their story.

Why did they become police officers? Why do they wear their badge?

They go to work and make a difference every day. They help people. They dedicate their lives to serving their community. Now you can see why they choose this path. This is an excellent video that reminds us to be grateful for these people – who have homes and families and are out risking everything to keep us safe. What a great way to show how passionate they are about what they do!

Watch this video to see why the Hampton Police Division chooses to wear their badges and please SHARE this with someone to pass on this inspiring message. Be a hero!

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