She Had A Pregnancy Scare That Almost Took Her And Her Baby. You Won’t Believe What Happens!

Technology has come a long ways. It’s amazing what we have the capability of doing now. We can cure illnesses and prolong life. Many common procedures are much easier with our technological advances – childbirth being one of those.

Before the modern era, it was not uncommon for mothers to die giving birth to a child. The miracle of life was accompanied by a real possibility of death. Fortunately, this is rarely a reality anymore.

Most pregnancies nowadays have very little difficulty. However, there are always odd cases. When Melanie Pritchard went in to have her baby, everything seemed normal. She had a healthy and happy pregnancy up to this point. But when she went into labor, it quickly became obvious that something wasn’t right. ‘

Melanie was having a rare allergic reaction that caused her heart and lungs to shut down with her baby girl still inside. After a heart wrenching series of events, Melanie’s family was asked to say their goodbyes. And then the unthinkable happened.

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