Discover The 5 Things That Are Preventing You From Being Happy

Life is full of distressing things that we face every day and need to develop the courage and will to fight them and come up with solutions or actions that limit or eliminate these stressing moments because this is the last thing we need in our lives. We need to take the time off to figure out what makes us unhappy or presents a barrier between us and happiness.


Below are some of the things that could prevent us from being happy:


1. Ignoring Your Creativity

Being creative could help make you happy and remove the unhappiness in your life. Creativity is a great way to express yourself and may reduce the risk of disease and illness and thus making you more health and well. Moreover, it can also reduce stress and boost positive emotions.


2. Anger & Regrets

Anger is such a distressing feeling; one that consumes you from the inside. We need to devise a method that allows us to create peace even in environments full in distress and with people mistreated you. Doing this is not about presenting yourself as weak in front of others, but to lessen and ease the pain that is created within you. Do not let anyone put you in agony because then you are controlled by them and do not control yourself anymore.


3. Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a blessing yet could sometimes be a dilemma if utilized incorrectly. There is no perfect life; life is what you put into it. If you are type that puts in hard work in whatever challenges you face your life is most likely going to be exciting and joyful as opposed to someone else who is not willing to work and as a result has a more miserable life. Choices you make could reflect the life you control and live. Therefore, it is up to you and only you to make the best out of your life.


4. Excuses

Excuses are merely a way for you to feel better and a justification for you not doing things you need or want to get done. If you want to lift weights but convince yourself that you do not have time you, it will not happen alone. Make no excuses and wake up earlier to get to the gym and perform your workout.


5. Stubbornnes

A lot of people hate and find it hard to admit that they are wrong. However, others are comfortable with admitting and apologizing for any mistakes they have done, which is the way to go. This is because the less stubborn you are the more open minded you become and the more you learn about others and their opinions for instance. Just keep in mind that others are as capable as we are of saying the truth and having a valid perspective on things.


The above are just a few of the many things that are standing between us and happiness and success. Take control of your life and decide what you want to affect you and remove all the other things and potential factors that can contribute to your unhappiness and misery.


What is holding you back from true happiness? Tell us below.



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