7 Productivity Tips For Busy Moms

busy moms

The weight of raising children, managing a household, carrying a career, or any combination of these three responsibilities can seem too much to bear at times for any mother. Sometimes it can feel as though you are just a grain of sand in a huge hourglass, and no matter how much work you try to get done, it all seems for naught.

When this happens, it’s important to keep a good mindset and remember that progress is being made, no matter how bleak it may look. This positive outlook can help you stay productive, even though you may not feel as though you are.

Even the most polished and seemingly perfect mom that always looks in control can have trouble staying productive throughout the day. And really, who can blame her? For many mothers, running a business or working from home only compounds and builds stress, and leaves them with even less time to get tasks done.

The good news is that it’s not hard to adjust your routine and boost your productivity, while keeping those slipping sandglass feelings at bay. Here are 7 productivity tips for busy moms to help keep their days on schedule and on track for both mother and family.

1. Use Disposable To-Do Reminders

Having a post-it system that has just enough notes to remind you of upcoming appointments can go a long way towards boosting your productivity. Try to keep your notes tidy and concise, while being specific. Try to stay away from general reminders like, “Laundry” or “PTA Meeting,” but use verbs to help spur you into action. Using small post-it notes will allow you to also discard of them once completed.

On the surface this may seem like a minor detail, but the act of disposing the item can help you realize that the task is completed and that work is being done.

2. Trim Down the Distractions

We all love the soap opera reruns or the occasional guilty pleasure, but there’s even more ways distractions can keep any mom from being productive. Social networking, streaming video, cell phones, and tablets can all contribute to a steady feed of distractions. These distractions can seriously derail your day and keep you from completing your tasks. Even worse, some of these distractions won’t stop.

They provide a constant hail of possible avenues that can keep you from reaching your goals.

Try to keep electronics at bay and edit some of your notifications, and watch your productivity soar. These simple technological distractions may seem short and convenient, but added up throughout the day, it could shock you to see how much time you are wasting on these needless activities.

3. Set Achievable Goals

If it feels as though the world is crashing around your shoulders from the stress and pressure. Set short term goals that will help offset some weight. Try daily goals and work your way up, which will make them easier to manage. Don’t overreach for the accomplishment here, but try to set a reasonable goal that will leave you feeling satisfied. Setting a goal that might be too lofty could result in coming up a bit short, which could put a damper on your productivity and mood.

Remember that completing the goal is not just the act of completing it, but also the power of training yourself through repetition. Setting goals and achieving them in short order will help you visualize your day better and prepare you to set more impactful, long term goals as a mother.

4. Delegate

If you have children old enough to help, or even if you don’t, delegate some of the work. Instead of spreading yourself thin, spread the workload to increase your productivity. Simple tasks that take less than a minute should be delegated to children, with discretion. Try to delegate tasks that might take more time, keeping you free to focus on the things that really need to be done.

5. Take it on the Road

If your work qualifies as something that you can do from a mobile phone or laptop, try to invest in making your work mobile. While waiting for your kids or in line at the shopping center, simple tasks like reading email can help get things done. You would be surprised how much can be accomplished with a Wi-Fi connection throughout the day. Mundane waiting times and standing in lines can now turn into productive moments that can add up throughout the day.

Don’t go overboard, but a simple schedule of checking your device throughout the day can eliminate the nagging tasks that can weigh you down.

6. Organize

It’s a bit obvious but yes, organization is a huge tip for any mom looking to become more productive. Simply rearranging your workplace or changing your kitchen layout can speed things up for you. Try to remove old items or maybe clearing them from your working space, to unclutter your work and clear your mind.

Keeping things organized and clean helps move everything along faster because you aren’t wasting time looking for things. If your organizational efforts still don’t seem to improve matters, don’t be afraid to try something new. Remember that less is more when it comes to being organized, staying organized, and boosting your productivity.

7. Don’t Forget about You

In the midst of the crazy thing that you call life, the number 1 productivity tip for moms is not forgetting to take care of yourself. For your family and household to be happy, you have to be happy. Make sure to find the time during the day to take a moment for yourself, even if it takes a task off your plate.

Walking that fine line between productivity and personal time will go a long way to staying productive as a mom. Because your happiness can often be lost throughout the everyday bustle of your life, it’s important you don’t forget about yourself. Having a hobby or something to keep your mind clear and stress free can help you stay happy and healthy, something your family needs more than that one thing that could maybe wait until tomorrow.

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