It Was (Puppy) Love At First Sight

I’m such a sucker for love stories. They always make me cry! There’s something so beautiful about one creature loving another. Especially when they are both cute, furry puppies!

I have always owned dogs. For a dog, their owners are their life, and they will do anything for them. But it’s always so good for your dog to have a companion. You can’t devote all of your time to your dog and let’s face it, they will always have more energy than you do. Finding a great friend for your dog can be such a treat!

This is the story of Laika and Rook. They meet when they are puppies and it is truly (puppy) love at first sight. Watch how they can’t stay away from each other! They are totally captivated. There is nothing greater than two adorable puppies playing with one another!

But it doesn’t stop there. The video continues and shows Rook and Laika all grown up and reunited. What a happy reunion, you will love it!

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