This Puppy Plays Dead So Well, I Couldn’t Stop Laughing!

My first puppy was named Snickers. He was a Border Collie and Dalmatian mix. If you know anything about dog breeds then you are probably shaking your head right now. Border Collies and Dalmatians are both very hyper breeds. When you put them together you get a puppy that never stops!

Snickers was smart, but he didn’t have much of an attention span. He was always going a hundred miles a minute. I taught him the basics: sit, lay down, and stay. He would do them half of the time.

Some dogs learn tricks easier than others, but there is always one trick that is their trick. The trick they are way better at than any other trick. For Snickers, that was playing dead.

The way our house was set up, Snickers could run in circles from the living room to the dining room through the kitchen into the den and back into the living room. He would do this often, bumping into walls as he went with a crazy look in his eyes. Not much could stop him. But when I would tell him to play dead, he would drop!

This puppy reminded me of Snickers. Watch the video to see this puppy play dead and please SHARE THIS with a dog lover in your life.

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