If asked, would you categorize all situations as good situations? Would you classify them all as bad situations? This could determine whether you look at the positive side or negative side of things. It could identify you as an optimist or a pessimist.

I hope you consider yourself an optimistic person, because getting into the habit of looking at the positive side of things could prove effective and advocate getting you out of trouble sometimes. Optimism is an underestimated, powerful handy tool that can be pulled out of your pocket whenever you feel vulnerable to a certain situation or perhaps feel like something uncomfortable or distressing happened or is happening. It is a master key needed to open a lot of life’s doors that cannot be opened otherwise.

Optimism can be such a game changer and can help make you more hopeful and confident about the future. This yields happiness, which yields a whole other array of benefits. We all know how important happiness and positivity are. They are such a blessing to have these two traits.

We need to face the fact that negative situations happen a lot in life. They are unavoidable, but we can find a way to confront these negative effects. So, how can we counteract these bad effects on our lives and attitudes? Positive thinking is filled with this power that can help us get through tragic instances. Learning how to stay positive in unpleasing situations is priceless and adds value to your lifestyle. It is your choice to be positive or negative when it comes to various situations.

With all this work, it is still difficult to resist negative thinking; it is easier said than done. Negative thoughts will get you pain and so we need to learn to ignore and find a solution. One more strategy we could do to avoid falling prey to negativity is to look for solutions for the root of the problem instead of thinking about the problem and what caused it.

Do not focus on the problem itself, because it will drain your energy and keep you from dreaming further and achieving. Make sure you think of the solution instead and that way your mind may be diverted to something more positive; the thought of coming out of the hole. Remember that a small negative thought could end up creating a large hole that is difficult to climb out of.

Here are 9 tips to help you see the bright side of bad situations:

1. Create A Support Group

Did you ever think of creating a support group? A group that will help you overcome bad situations. If you have not thought about it yet, maybe now is the time to start thinking about it. It is important to have a group that can help you through unpleasing and difficult situations. Not any group though, you need a “positive” group, because surrounding yourself with people that are positive will advocate that you stay positive in negative conditions.

Avoid negative people. People that have negative attitudes will only bring you down and push you further into your bad situation. Instead, stick with a positive group; a group that will remind you of the positive things in your life and help you look at the positive side of things in life and your situation in more specific.

2. Train Your Mind

Do you spend enough time training your brain to think positively, especially in situations that do not seem or look positive? Do you continue causing a bad impact on your mental health by constantly beating up yourself? We have all been there. Whether it is the tension and stress of work, bills, or disagreements, negativity is something present in life and is very hard to remove.

Training your mind is a very good exercise to do in order to better your life and see the positive side of bad situations. Stop beating yourself up and make sure you feed yourself with positive thoughts. Think of this. The more you are negative and exert that energy, the more this becomes part of you and the more the negativity grows within you. A very good analogy of this is a snowball. A snowball keeps on growing as it rolls down.

However, if you practice to utilize the strength of positive thoughts and implement it in your daily life whenever a negative thought comes to existence, it will benefit you big time. Eventually, this will be the default way of thinking and you will start to unconsciously think positively of all the situations you engage in.

Think of this as exercising, improving your health. We do this usually for our body, but have you ever tried exercising your brain? Instead of training your body start training your mind through doing some yoga, practice focusing as these all will help in developing your mind and helps you neutralize the effects of negative situations.

3. Accept Changes

Are we a believer of changes? Do you believe things can change in life? We usually have an idea or realize that there are changes happening in life but are resilient to them. Do you feel this way? We need to learn to accept our lives, the changes that will happen, and be convinced that there are changes that are going to happen.

Have you heard of the saying: “The only constant in life is change”? Accepting the changes we go through as part of our lives, whether good or bad is a key to advance. It is a key to see the positives and discard the negatives. It helps us accept our situations a bit more and be more comfortable when we embrace changes in our lives.

Let us say you are in a job that you do not really like. Would you go to your job every day with a good attitude or a bad one? You need to accept the situation and try to make it better, more interesting, and get something out of it. That does not mean that you do not look for a new job you are interested in, in the meantime. Once your brain is accustomed to thinking of situations in a positive fashion, even when a serious tragedy happens you will have the ability to deal with such scenarios in a good way.

4. Help Others

Are you the kind of person that likes to help others get out of their issues and situations or not? So you think this could help with your problems? Of course it could. Helping others out, whether friends or not, could actually take your attention away from your problems and negative situations and translate them into positivity and comfort. Helping others just provides this sense of achievement and fullness that you cannot get otherwise.

This could be as simple as giving someone a piece of advice he needs. This advice could help this person be less stressed, try new things, or help him with something more radical as saving him from a tragic aftermath.

5. Remember That No One Is Perfect

Do you not agree that there is no one that is perfect? Life is just a perception, but is not real. Do you live and fill your time thinking of your mistakes, why you got into them, and the effect they had on your day or week?

Stop dwelling on these thoughts, because whether we like it or not, nothing is perfect. We can try to make ourselves that, but life will prove to us that nothing is perfect through the different situations. If life was perfect, we would have not had any bad situations and would always be succeeding.

However, this would not allow us to learn from our mistakes and life’s cycle would not work. Remember that we need to learn from our mistakes and move forward rather than getting caught up in the mistake.

6. Be Grateful

How many of us actually take the time off to think of all what we have and be grateful for that? How many of us think of the blessings we have rather than think of things we do not have? When it comes to materialistic life, look at people who are less fortunate instead of looking at those with more money, faster cars, and that seem wealthy.

Believe that there is no better thing than to realize your blessings. The remind you to be humble and down to earth, and not whine about any of the simple things. This could be a good way to see the positive side of bad situations.

Not focusing on the bad part of a condition definitely pays off. Honestly, nowadays we just complain about anything. Let us say we are going to work. We complain that “Oh no, I do not have a car”. Well, a car can definitely make commute easier, but think of less fortunate people. Think of someone who does not have a job; a homeless person, a disabled person, or an unemployed person. Are you not in a much better situation and have a fixed income? Yes, it might not be the best income ever, but it sure is still an income.

We need to really learn that we are truly blessed, no matter what our situation is. This is just the nature of humans, but it is saddening to see people whine about something and then once it is gone, they realize that it was indeed a blessing. Stay positive and continue looking at the full half of the cup.

7. Seek Help

Are you someone that is not afraid or embarrassed of admitting the fact that you need help with something? It is definitely something we should not be let down by, even though some people like to be independent and just do everything on their own. However, the matter of the fact is that life is not easy and we will find ourselves in bad situations sometimes.

Thus, we need to accept the help if we need it to get us to a better place. We sometimes need someone to lend us a piece of their experience and how they dealt with certain situations, in an attempt to help you achieve more and look at the positive side of things.

This is something that true friends usually do for each other because they feel really bad and saddened when they see a friend trapped in a draining experience or situation. All they try to do is help you emotionally, physically, and mentally. Also, just as you receive, remember to give.

8. Have Control Over Your Response

Did you know that there is a golden rule when it comes to extracting the positivity out of a non-satisfying situation? Controlling your response is very important in all situations and more important in bad ones. Remember to always breathe in and out counting to 10 to calm yourself down.

Feel free to experiment with other methods too to find whatever works for you the best in removing the negativity from within. Calming yourself down could help you think clearly and not have a lot going on in your head, thus making better choices and decisions. Responding out of emotion rather than logical and critical thinking could cause the situation to become even worse.

9. Learn From Negativity

Learning from negativity could help make you look at the alternative, namely – positivity. What I mean by this is learning from bad situations where you acted off, looked and focused on the negativity only. Consider the negative situation a chance or opportunity to grow personally. Identify the stimulants of this situation and make sure and watch out for them in the future. This along with some training could help you take control of situations in the future.

Just as we saw throughout this article, there are various ways to locate the positives and good things in bad situations. If you fall in the hole once, make sure you learn not to come close to the hole again, risking that you fall in again. It is the same thing here. Get away from the triggers of unpleasant scenarios.

Remember that we all have our good and bad moments in life and that you are not alone in this world. Seek help and implement whatever solution works for you best. Also stay optimistic, motivated, and positive. Do not let anything get to you.

Now it’s your turn… What helps you see the bright side of things? Tell us below.



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