5 Ways Your Self-Destructive Behavior Is Hurting You

Self-destructive behavior can take a toll on our physical, mental and overall health. Not only that, by harming ourselves, what do we intend to accomplish? Here are 5 ways your self-destructive behavior might be hurting you. Consider all the ill-effects and seek to make changes in order to create a thriving, happy, wonderfully created and content you.

1. It Effects Mental Health

Self-destructive behavior effects your mental health in so many ways. You begin to see things in a distorted fashion and this creates a cycle effect, keeping destructive behavior alive and well. Destructive behaviors begin with the way you feel inside and thus the best way to take control over your life, your attitude and your actions is to change the way you feel on the inside. While this can be a long and emotional process, it is a necessary part of gaining that security and stability you need to survive.

2. It Effects Physical Health

Not only does destructive behavior effect you mental health, it also effects your physical health in so many ways. Regardless of what you find yourself doing, eventually signs of self-abuse can start to show from losing and gaining weight, cutting, lack of sleep and so much more. Why should you care? Think about how this may affect those who love you most. Consider how much better a positive and all-around healthier life can be for you on a personal level. You deserve the best too. Stop allowing yourself to go through the worst.

3. It Effects Your Spirit

Destructive behaviors definitely effect the spirit as well. They keep us feeling down and worthless as well as in a deep despair. With a broken spirit, everything seems out of reach and useless. Allow your spirit to heal and talk to someone about what you can do to change your habits.

4. It Keeps You Feeling In Despair

Destructive behavior also keeps us feeling in despair so much so that we begin to see it as a way of life worth living. Do not allow yourself to get to this point. Think about those times when you were happy and living free. Think of how you felt when you were out of harm’s way. What is causing you to hurt yourself? Break the chains and free yourself from yourself. Allow yourself to experience a positive change.

5. Nothing Positive Can Be Gained

What can we gain from self-destructive behaviors? Nothing. These are risks that are just not worth taking. Why are you beating yourself up? In the end you probably do not feel good. Nothing good can last from being self-destructive. Instead try to admire who you are and the fact that you are here. Take things a day at a time and replace that self-harm with simple pride for how strong, wonderful and amazing you are. You certainly deserve peace so give yourself the space to pursue it in a positive way.

However hurt you may feel, remember that there is nothing to gain from be self-destructive. Consider ways to seek help or ways to change. Do not continue in the cycle and consider how the 5 ways self-destructive behavior may be effecting you.

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